Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 20

MLB: San Diego Padres at Cleveland Indians-Game Two


Verlander @ Bauer – Tough matchup for Bauer but he’s been dominant this season and has significantly reduced his BB rate.
Happ @ Doubront
Pomeranz @ Odorizzi – Pomeranz has been impressive but Rays have hit well at home.
Iwakuma @ Lewis – Lewis worth monitoring but he’s still giving up way too many hits and M’s rank 2nd in the Majors in runs scored on the road.
Rienzo @ Ventura
Feldman @ Skaggs – Gotta go with Skaggs here.
Cueto @ Fister
M. Gonzalez @ Liriano
Gallardo @ Teheran – Gallardo fading a bit though.
Beckett @ Montero – Beckett is hot. In a 12-team mixed, I’d play it safe with Montero for this matchup.
Burnett @ Desclafani
Tanaka @ Hammel – Hammel falling back down to earth but Yanks have been inconsistent offensively and they won’t have the DH.
Arroyo @ Wainwright – Arroyo can never be fully trusted.
Bumgarner @ Morales
Correia @ Kennedy


Are you confident with Bumgarner @COL, with the way the Rockies are crushing it at home?

Yeah, my philosophy with the true aces is that I always pitch them, regardless of the matchup.


I was offered this trade in an NL only league
Get: Ryan Vogelsong and Seth Smith
Give: Junior Lake
What are your thoughts? I’m thinking yes, in need of AVG and Runs

And also trade away Jake DeGrom.

I’m fine with that one.

Is solarte for real?
If not, I’d like to spin him and my Pagan for Holiday…

If you can pull off that trade, I’d do it in a second.

Any hesitation at all pitching Burnett in Miami? 2nd only to Rockies in home scoring and Burnett was touched up in Toronto on the road….I want to pitch him , but….

so I have Rosenthal and Nathan as my closers and shaw in middle relief….you think Rosenthal loses closer job? If so you think I could punt saves and trade Nathan or any idea who may take over closer for CWS? would you take Lake over Ackley/ C young(NYM) or Eaton for OF spot

No, Rosenthal isn’t losing the closer job anytime soon, and punting saves is something that I’m simply not a fan of. I’d take Lake over Young.


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