Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 21

MLB: Minnesota Twins at Tampa Bay Rays


Scherzer @ McAllister – McAllister has a brutal stretch of matchups coming up.
Young @ Tepesch – Tepesch worth a gamble for the strong of stomach.
Hutchison @ Buchholz – Tempting on Hutchinson, but playing it safe.
Milone @ Bedard – Sticking to Milone as a home option only.
Quintana @ Guthrie
McHugh @ Weaver
Whitley @ Samardzija
Simon @ Roark
Ryu @ deGrom – Good return scenario for Ryu.
Tillman @ Wandy
Lohse @ Big Erv
Kendrick @ Eovaldi
McCarthy @ Wacha – Tough matchup for McCarthy but indicators are near-elite.
Cain @ Chacin
Hughes @ T. Ross – Streaking Hughes in pitcher-friendly venue.


I put in a claim for Johnny Peralta and would drop Espinosa ok move? wondering if Espinosa will lose playing time when Zim returns…also have Kendrick and Ackley for 2nd base

Yeah, that’s a no-brainer. Espinosa is more trouble than he’s worth.


I have a comment and question about Carlos Santana. I read most of the larger fantasy sports websites, and almost every one says to be worried about Santana but DON’T drop him in any competitive league! I am a Santana owner in two 12 team mixed [very competitive] leagues (he’s on my bench). I’m typically aggressive, though not always (I like to play for “now”), and I’m here to say- drop him if you like. Let’s say he has a Santana type year from this day out. The best your looking at is a typical Santana like 75-20-75 season with an average that isn’t great. I think at this point, even if he reaches those numbers (and I’ll even give you a few more HRs), the average likely won’t be over .230 at best. Why is he a “must keep” with those numbers? You know who that is? Nick Swisher! If you have a tolerable option at catcher (say Mesoraco), and you need help with some other categories (say Ks), I say drop him and help your team now. Am I off base? FYI, I just dropped him in a league. And I’m not a newbie…I’ve been playing for a while. Let’s start a revolution.


Santana was just traded for Jonathan LuCroy in my Tout Wars league, so at least some people haven’t given up on him! Your reasoning makes sense, but at the same time I think you could’ve gotten something of value back via trade, as he’s still a popular name in fantasy. I think dumping him for nothing was more of an emotional move:-)


I think that goes towards my point a little bit in a mixed- LuCroy was drafted in the 13-15th rounds in my leagues. It also shows how deep the catcher position is in one catcher leagues…you can find guys on the wire that can help you, while not having to keep a Santana on your bench for weeks on end (coming up on months) hoping that he can go on an incredibly long hot streak to negative the damage he’s already done to your team. I dangled Sanatana for guys that are essentially later round picks, and no one was interested…not even for other struggling players. I feel ok about the drop…and if by mid-June he is struggling, he won’t remain on my other teams.

I was offered Miguel Cabrera and James Shields for Adrian Beltre, Marco Estrada and Jered Weaver in a 10 team H2H keeper league. Sound like a fair deal?


I’d jump on that one immediately.


Sale for Rios is pretty even, right?

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