Pitch or Ditch for Friday, May 23

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Chicago Cubs


House @ Norris
Kazmir @ Hendriks
Baker @ An. Sanchez
Lackey @ Archer – both teams are ice-cold but Archer has been shaky
Kuroda @ Noesi – hanging with Kuroda
Duffy @ Wilson
@ King Felix – Peacock can be shaky but I’ll gamble on the matchup
Kershaw @ R. Hernandez
Zimmermann @ Morton
@ Bailey – hang with ‘em on Homer
C. Anderson @ Colon
Estrada @ Koehler
Lyles @ Floyd
Jackson @ Stauffer – E-Jax on a nice run and Padres are ice-cold
Gibson @ Lincecum


any thoughts on Stauffer as a replacement for Erlin?

I’m taking a wait and see approach with Stauffer since he’s yet to make a single start this season.


Ive got Sale, Cobb, Greinke, and Maddy Bum in my 10 tm h2h rotation, who do i use as trading bait? Whose the one that has the greatest potential to blow up or get injured?

Let the rest of the league know that they’re all available. It really depends on which pitcher can net you the best return. I’m pretty high on all of them.


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