Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 3

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves


Peavy @ House – Peavy much better last time but very risky

Kazmir @ Kuroda

Hutchison @ An. Sanchez

Jimenez @ Saunders – does anyone have any clue with Ubaldo will do in any given start?

Wilson @ McHugh

Buchanan @ Zimmermann

E. Ramirez @ Floyd Floyd a very pleasant surprise so far

Lincecum @ Bailey – Lincecum was somewhat better in May, and still hangin’ with Homer…

Archer @ Alvarez

Shields @ J. Garcia – Garcia very sharp since return

Wheeler @ Arrieta

Deduno @ Gallardo

C. Anderson @ De La Rosa

Noesi @ Haren

Cole @ Hahn


10T H2H dynasty…How would you order the stash value vs. rest of season value for SP’s; Bauer, Gavin Floyd, Pomeranz, and Stroman………..2) Is it time to stash CJ Cron as the next big 1B thing? Thanks RK

Bauer, Stroman, Pomeranz, Floyd. As long as you don’t have to drop anyone significant to reserve a place for Cron, yes, there’s absolutely no downside in holding onto him. Whether he becomes the next big thing remains to be seen, but I’d rather track the situation with him on my roster as opposed to another owner’s roster.


10T H2H dynasty….for Doolittle would you drop closers Sergio Romo, Casey Janssen or Francisco Rodríguez (Mil)? Is F-Rods run over? Thanks RK

I wouldn’t drop any of them. Closers with a good amount of job security will always have value, and owning four of them puts you in a dominant position, whether you choose to use all four and build a commanding lead in saves or trade one to address another need. There’s no point in dropping one without getting anything in return.


12-team H2H league: Should I trade Jason Grilli straight up for Brandon Belt? I’ve got Chapman, Reed and Nathan as closers, but only McGehee at 1B. Should I be getting more out of this?

If you can get more, great. But if Belt is the best you can do, I’m fine with that. Grilli could easily be replaced in the ninth inning by Melancon should he struggle even minimally.


Thank you. I got him to throw in McCann, FYI.

is Ventura(KC) worth starting as a 6th pitcher in a 12 team head to head

I don’t see why not!

Drop Shelby for Bauer/Stroman? Another option would be to include him with Polanco in a trade for a top-tier SP. My patience is wearing thin…

I would do neither. Sit tight.


I have Pagan and Kendrick sitting on my bench (10 tm, h2h), what type of pitcher do you think I could get in return if I package them together?
I have Kinsler and Kipnis at 2nd and an outfield of Choo, Werth, Gordon, Ad. Jones, Khris Davis, and Rios. I was thinking Zimmermann, but i feel that may be too much.

Considering Zimmermann’s inconsistent season, you can certainly try for him, but I’d be surprised if Pagan + Kendrick would be enough. Give it a shot though. That would be a great trade for you.


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