Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, June 4

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates


Chavez @ Nuno
Workman @ Kluber
Dickey @ Porcello – Dickey has been too erratic to use vs. top offenses
Koehler @ Price
Norris @ Martinez
Wainwright @ Vargas
Estrada @ Nolasco
Richards @ Cosart
Iwakuma @ Minor
Liriano @ Kennedy – if you wanna risk Liriano vs. a weak offense that’s up to you
Burnett @ Strasburg – A.J. was terrible in May but so were Nationals… your call
Vogelsong @ Cingrani – Cingrani hasn’t been great, but not terrible either
Matsuzaka @ Jackson – coin flip on E-Jax vs. weak-hitting Mets
Collmenter @ Lyles
Danks @ Beckett


In an NL only 5×5 league who should I drop when Cashner comes back? Lincecum, Colon or Koehler? I’m leaning towards Lincecum. Just want your thoughts.

Also when Matt Cain comes back who do you drop?

Or Henderson Alvarez, thanks!

Agreed. Timmy has been an absolute mess this year.


Which one should I drop for Gregory Polanco; Nate Schierholtz or Kole Calhoun? 10 tm h2h points league.

Schierholtz. We pretty much know who he is at this point while Calhoun carries far more upside.


Can’t believe i added Gallardo instead of H Alvarez!! Kill me now fantasy gods!


You should have followed my Two-Start Pitcher Notes advice!


I’m in a 6×6 Head-to-Head league. I was offered Howie Kendrick and Adam Eaton, and I give him Pablo Sandoval and Marte. Our daily lineup includes a 2b/SS flex position. I have Pedroia, Villar and Asdrubal. I have Votto and Beltran coming off the DL soon with Trumbo on the DL too. I can slot Todd Frazier in Pablo’s spot. Is the trade fair? Villar and Asdrubal have been disappointments.


Face value, I’m not a huge fan of the trade, but it does sound better when factoring in your specific situation. I don’t necessarily view Asdrubal as being a disappointment but Kendrick would certainly be a significant upgrade over Villar at MI. I’d still take Marte over Eaton ROS, but considering the players you have coming off the DL and the fact that Frazier is a more than adequate 3B replacement, the MI upgrade makes this trade worth it.


Thanks always Zach!

Hey Zach. I’ve got to drop one of these outfielders. Kemp markakis ethier a.jackson j.lake what would you do

It’s close between Ethier and Lake but I’d drop Ethier. Lake contributes in more categories. Ethier is fairly one-dimensional, with RBI being his biggest asset.


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