Updated PoD Category Chart (6/3)

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Baltimore Orioles

Hey everyone,

It’s Pitch or Ditch category chart time! Click on the link below to view our latest version, which happens to be our first update of the 2014 season.

POD Chart 6-3

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the chart, this is something we started doing a few years ago (special shout out to longtime 411 fan Big Barry for the framework of the idea) to help guide you not only in your Pitch or Ditch decisions but also in knowing whether or not dropping a certain pitcher would be a mistake.

We’ve divided all of the current starting rotation pitchers into five groups: Aces, Grads, PoD, DTM and Indifferent.

Aces: Fairly straightforward. Elite starting pitchers with the track record to prove it.

Grads: Not ace-caliber but also not worth dropping under any circumstances. Grads should always be started, regardless of the matchup.

PoD: These pitchers do not quite deserve a permanent roster spot but should be picked up and started in favorable matchups. If their next matchup is not so favorable, feel free to drop them. Some PoD guys could earn Grad status if they string together several consecutive strong outings.

DTM: An old 411 acronym for “dead to me”, DTM pitchers are guys that we might have once liked but have repeatedly let us down to the point where we’ve had enough of them. It takes a lot to become DTM, but once you become DTM, it’s very tough to escape that category!

Indifferent: Pitchers who are just not that good and should not be rostered.

***Note that this chart is geared towards standard 12-team mixed leagues.

Here are the changes we’ve made since our last version from late-April.


Buehrle PoD to grad

Beckett PoD to grad

Kennedy PoD to grad

T. Ross PoD to grad

Kluber PoD to grad

Hammel PoD to grad

Peralta PoD to grad

Keuchel indifferent to PoD

McHugh indifferent to PoD

Rienzo indifferent to PoD

Young indifferent to PoD

Peacock indifferent to PoD

Nicasio indifferent to PoD

Vogelsong indifferent to PoD


Zimmermann ace to grad

Liriano grad to PoD

Wheeler grad to PoD

Archer grad to PoD

As always, your questions and comments are welcome!



Smyly no demotion? He is DTM with a 1.73 WHIP in May.

Keuchel to PoD? He is def in grad territory.

We’re still optimistic about Smyly. He has a long way to go before he reaches DTM status. I’m holding onto him in my 12-team mixed league.


Hughes still a PoD? He’s been magnificent for over a month and this past Sunday @NYY I feel cemented him as a grad.

Feeling pretty indifferent on Rienzo. Also, think you prematurely promoted Wheeler to grad. Should have been PoD all along as he is a good but young starter in need of more seasoning at the big league level. Once he figures out how to consistently get big league hitters out, he will be grad status on his way to ace.

Wheeler has come on. He should be back to grad

Keuchel is still POD huh? explain please.

One step at a time. Again, he’s getting there, but a two spot promotion would be unprecedented!


Seems pretty accurate overall but not sure how you can class Verlander an ace right now. Agree with Chris that Hughes must be entering grad status soon? See Hammel has graduated this year, both him and Hughes are putting up similar years.

The Ace vs. Grad decisions are tough, and a strong case can be made for Verlander being knocked down to a grad. But with Aces, track record plays a huge factor, so it takes a lot for an Ace of Verlander’s level to get demoted.

Hughes is getting there, but we’ve seen him string together a few good outings in a row before only to regress. Again, history is a factor.


Is Cashner, Pagan, and Kendrick too much to give up for Price? Pagan and Kendrick are just bench players for me. (10 tm, h2h)

I’d see if you can get Price for less, but if Pagan and Kendrick are simply sitting on your bench, it’s not a bad gamble. I definitely like Price as a buy low guy. Cutting down on homers will result in a far lower ERA. The K’s and K/BB are still elite caliber.


Hey Zach,
12tm 7×7 mix lg.
Would you trade Bautista to get Tanaka?
I still have: Encarnacion, Donaldson, J Abreu and Trout as my power guys.
My other OF are: Trout, A Gordon, Khris Davis, Taveras
I’m leading all batting cattegories….I’m last in ERA, WHIP. Need SP help.
Should i pull the trigger?

As a Tanaka owner in both my keeper leagues, I wouldn’t trade him for ANYTHING! Why are you so sure you can pry him from his owner in your league?! Get real. Aim instead for a SP like Price or Kershaw for Bautista. Both haven’t been their usually dominant selves thus far.


Yes, I think that trade would be a no-brainer for you and would be surprised if the Tanaka owner accepts considering how dominant he’s been all season.


Zach and Adam,
Actually i got the trade offer……….
Thanks i will pull the trigger right away!

That Tanaka owner is a damn fool! Accept NOW!!! then lol all the way to the bank!

Where would you rate Derek Holland? Thanks!

PoD for now until we see a start or two. He definitely has quick grad potential though.


sorry but in what world was Lilian a grad? he was nice last yearbut I still wouldn’t trust that guy as far as I can throw him. as for Zimmermann, he will be back on the ace in no time, he was unlucky to start the year. Velocity, ratios, and everything looks fine. And beckett.. Well he always will scare me haha

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