Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, June 12

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Tampa Bay Rays


Buehrle @ Gausman – Gausman was sharp last time but this is a rough matchup
Tomlin @ Lester – check Tomlin’s stats!
Scherzer @ Sale – more games like this please, Baseball Gods
Miley @ Feldman
Whitley @ Elias
Greinke @ Simon                                                                                                                                                                                              Stults @ Kendrick – Kendrick at home vs. anemic Padres, why not!
Big Erv @ Chacin
Treinen @ Hudson
@ Volquez
Lohse @ Niese


What do you think of this trade, I am in a 9 team NL only league. I am in need of SB’s and AVG
Get: Collmenter and Stubbs
Give:Mesoraco and Henderson Alvarez

Picked up norris at catcher.It’s it time to do Mauer?

If you mean drop Mauer, the answer is a resounding No.

Thanks for all the hard work guys, much appreciated!

I’m leading a league in the power department and have an excess of OF.

A. Jones
L. Martin
R. Davis

I also have Ortiz

I need closers desperately and Uehara and Grilli are on the block. What’s a good deal for me to offer?



I’d stay away from Grilli. I can totally see Melancon reclaiming the closer job should Grilli struggle in the least bit. Grilli has also been very injury-prone, as exhibited already this season.

In a non-keeper league, outside of Jones, I’d be comfortable trading any of those outfielders for Uehara, either in 1-for-1 or 2-for-1 deals, depending on the players involved.


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