Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 17

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Oakland Athletics


Stults @ Elias – Elias’ overall numbers are solid despite the occasional bomb
Shoemaker @ Tomlin – Tomlin will regress, but so far, so good
Stroman @ Tanaka – still playin’ it safe on Stroman, but not for much longer
Ventura @ Scherzer
Hughes @ Lester
M. Gonzalez @ Bedard
Cain @ Danks – Danks has his moments but the Giants have been solid offensively
Darvish @ Milone – yes on Milone at home!
@ Roark– surprising high-quality matchup of the night!
@ Cumpton
Kendrick @ Big Erv
@ DeSclafani
Niese @ Wacha
@ Miley
Chacin @ Greinke


Hey guys

I’m thinking of selling Kazmir for some offense. I’m most desperately in need of Average & SB. Who should I be targeting? Is Carlos Gomez too much to ask for?



Yeah, Gomez is asking for too much, but start out aiming high. What about Altuve? That might be a good fit.


In an NL only keeper league, would you trade Seth Smith (6 dollars, 10 next year) for Kris Bryant (1 dollar, 5 next year)?

Yes, without question!

Valbuena or Kendrick for 2B? also do you feel Owings is worth hanging onto as a back up to Peralta and Desmond

Kendrick. Feel free to cut ties with Owings. He isn’t even playing every day anymore.



Should I drop Dickey and Verlander for McHugh and Stroman?


I’d consider Dickey for McHugh but ultimately would probably sit tight. As disappointing as Verlander has been, dropping him is going overboard. Benching him for now is fine.


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