Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, June 24

MLB: Houston Astros at Minnesota Twins


Quintana @ M. Gonzalez – Quintana coming off nice rebound performance.
Phelps @ Buehrle – Buehrle always makes me nervous but Yanks aren’t hitting right now.
Locke @ Archer
Smyly @ Lewis – Tough matchup for Smyly but he’s on a roll.
Kershaw @ Duffy – Ditto for Duffy.
Harang @ Feldman – I don’t trust Harang. Period.
Gibson @ Wilson – Gibson 21 IP, 0 ER over his last three starts.
Peavy @ Ramirez
Heaney @ Buchanan – Buchanan worth a look in NL-only leagues though.
Kazmir @ Colon – Interesting matchup.
Bailey @ Arrieta – Sticking with Bailey. Going for it with Arrieta at home.
Zimmermann @ Gallardo
Miller @ J. De La Rosa – Miller at Coors worries me.
Masterson @ Miley – Playing it safe with both in tough environment.
Hahn @ Hudson


Quintana @ M. Gonzalez
Phelps @ Buehrle – Buehrle is 13-for-15 in QS this year, gotta go for it
Locke @ Archer
Smyly @ Lewis
Kershaw @ Duffy
Harang @ Feldman – Harang is fading
Gibson @ Wilson – Gibson is on a nice run but I’m not sold yet
Peavy @ Ramirez
Heaney @ Buchanan – impressive debut for Heaney, let’s try again
Kazmir @ Colon – ironic matchup, huh??
Bailey @ Arrieta
@ Gallardo
Miller @ J. De La Rosa
Masterson @ Miley
Hahn @ Hudson


Between Duffy and Smyly who do you think is the better matchup? I’m leaning towards Duffy.

I’d lean towards Smyly. I just have a little more confidence in him overall, regardless of the challenging matchup.


Rangers hitting .152 vs Smyly.

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