Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 27

MLB: Texas Rangers at Los Angeles Angels


Colome @ Gausman (Gm 1)
Odorizzi @ Tillman (Gm 2)
Workman @ Nuno
Danks @ Dickey – both are erratic and facing big offenses, but Dickey is solid at home
Correia @ Tepesch
Shoemaker @ Vargas – Shoemaker will eventually return to pumpkin status, but for now…
Verlander @ Peacock – admit it, you thought twice about Verlander too, right?
Bauer @ Young
Roark @ Hammel – Hammel’s last start with Cubs?
Teheran @ Kendrick
deGrom @ Cumpton
Chavez @ DeSclafani – Marlins are tough at home but Chavez is hanging in there
Matzek @ Lohse
C. Martinez @ Ryu
McCarthy @ T. Ross – last chance for McCarthy, vs. league-worst offense
@ Bumgarner

***ZACH SAYS “I have zero confidence in McCarthy, regardless of the matchup, so I’d play it safe and ditch. Odorizzi scares me too in tough pitching environment but in deeper leagues, I’m OK with going for it. Agree on rest.”


If I can swing it should I trade Votto for Rizzo?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, even in a non-keeper. The production just hasn’t been there with Votto, and I’m now doubting his ability to go on a tear, which is what it would take in order to get his numbers back up to respectability.


Questioning these players, time to retool?……1) drop Kipnis (why has he been so awful) for Rendon ……….2) drop Machado (has injury changed him?) for Chisenhall ……..3) drop Javier Baez for Syndergaard………4) drop one of these three for Gausman ; drop Paxton (3wks from coming off DL, upside to great to drop?) OR drop Wheeler (is upside still out weighting his being erratic?) OR drop Heaney (is his upside less than Wheeler?). Thanks guys.

I wouldn’t make any of those particular moves, especially in a dynasty format. That said, I’d try to find a way to add Rendon without flat out dropping Kipnis, which makes little sense.


RE: ABOVE Forgot to mention it is a 10TH2H DYNASTY league.

Been offered Qualls and Bellasario for Doolittle. I need saves, do these two get more saves the rest of the way than doolittle?

Pass. Belisario is already out as the White Sox stopper and Doolittle is proving to be an elite level closer. On a general note though, remember that it’s not all about the saves. Job security and of course ERA/WHIP also have to be factored in. I’d take one very good closer over two shaky ones any day. There will always be more saves to be had off the waiver wire. No need to pay such a steep price for them.


Is it time to trade beckett or are his stats somewhat sustainable to keep around for ROS?

Beckett is definitely a great sell high guy. There’s no way he finishes the year with a 2.11 ERA and 1.00 WHIP, so we’ve surely already seen the best part of his season. And then of course there’s the injury history to worry about.


I have Rizzo/ Sandoval/ Arrenado when he returns and Donaldson for CI so offered Votto for Kimbrel since I have Nathan/Rosenthal as my closers so could use a little help,,,,,you feel I made a fair offer for Kimbrel?

Yeah, I think it’s a perfectly fair offer and a trade that makes a lot of sense for you.


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