Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 3

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Toronto Blue Jays


Baker @ W. Chen
Bedard @ Scherzer
Tanaka @ Hughes
Dickey @ Gray – tough matchup for Dickey, I’m playing it safe
Oberholtzer @ Shoemaker
C. Martinez @ Bumgarner
Kendrick @ Hand
McCarthy @ Worley – McCarthy could be a Pirate soon enough but I’ll pass for now
Greinke @ Morales


looking at either Eaton or BJ to drop…..leaning towards Eaton as BJ has better power/speed and even with rbi/runs although avg of course is different,,,,,

I’d drop B.J. He’s a batting average killer and only leads Eaton in SB’s 13-7. That’s not a significant enough advantage to make up for the AVG difference.


I was offered this trade in an NL only keeper league
Give: Huston Street (14 dollars), Michael Morse (9 dollars) and Pedro Alvarez (11 dollars)
Get: Julio Teheran (9 dollars), Allen Craig (12 dollars) and Santiago Casilla (7 dollars)
What are your thoughts? I’m leaning towards no because there isn’t many OF or 1B on the waiver wire. Thanks!

Also would you add Chase Headley and drop Seth Smith in an NL only league? I’ve been hearing the Yankees have been scouting him so I’d be getting whatever the Padres get in return… What do you think?

I’d hold onto Smith.

It’s a totally fair offer. And the keeper factor doesn’t even come into play that much as there’s only a $6 difference between the two sides. I think it ultimately depends on your closer situation and if you can afford to swap a very reliable Street for Casilla, who is only a temporary fill-in. I fully expect Romo to get the job back sooner rather than later.


How about Mookie? Does he have enough upside this year to grab and drop E. Aybar?

10 teams Head to Head

Aybar is having a solid year, so it’s definitely a risky move, but yeah, I think I’d do it. Betts is a potential game changer in the stolen base department. I’ll gamble on the upside.


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