Pitch or Ditch for Friday, July 4

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Boston Red Sox


M. Gonzalez @ Lester (PPD)
Whitley @ Gibson
Stroman @ Milone – tough challenge for Stroman but he’s found his groove
Cobb @ Smyly
@ Tomlin – have to go with Tomlin, right?
Elias @ Sale
Keuchel @ Wilson
@ Roark – Hammel’s last start as a Cub?
R. Hernandez @ Cole
Cain @ Stults
Lohse @ Simon
Darvish @ Niese
Eovaldi @ Lynn – I still respect the Cards’ offense, results notwithstanding
Collmenter @ Big Erv
@ Jurrjens


Has lincecum figured it out or is this just a phase

Who knows really, but I’m skeptical. Lincecum is the kind of guy who can either dominate or get shelled by any lineup. If you have him on your team, you pretty much have to start him regardless of the matchup, and the prospect of leaving him in my starting lineup indefinitely makes me very nervous. I’d pass.


God help me for using Smyly again and again. I’m in definite need of an intervention at this point. If he gets bombed vs TB today, it’s over. DTM foreva.

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