Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 8

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Tampa Bay Rays


Tanaka @ Bauer

Ryu @ Verlander

Danks @ Workman – just when I started to trust Workman, he gets blown up by the Cubs

Vargas @ Hellickson – good spot for Hellickson’s return

Peacock @ Irwin – Peacock has skills but isn’t reliable enough yet

Dickey @ Skaggs – Dickey hasn’t been great on the road, but good enough

Bumgarner @ Gray

Hughes @ Young – most improbable double-pitch of the day… maybe of the year?!

T. Wood @ Cueto (Gm 1)

Wada @ Holmberg (Gm 2)

Norris @ Fister

Teheran @ deGrom

Kendrick @ Peralta

Worley @ C. Martinez – might as well roll Worley while he’s hot

T. Ross @ Morales

Hand @ Nuno


is A Eaton worth keeping on a active roster in a daily 12 team head to head league or would a player like Joyce be a better option

I’m not too excited about either but would probably hold onto Eaton unless you’re in desperate need of power.


Helickson or Liriano for ROS?

Let’s first see how Hellickson does tonight but generally speaking, I’d give Liriano the slight edge due to his higher ceiling, particularly in the strikeout department.


Seriously though. You guys need to remove Peralta and Estrada for your Pitch tier and move them to DTM ASAP. It’s over.

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