Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, July 10

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers


Quintana @ Lester
G. Gonzalez @ W. Chen
Phelps @ House
Santiago @ Lewis
Smyly @ Guthrie – struggling Smyly vs. lesser offense, or groovin’ Guthrie vs. big offense? I’ll sit this one out
Pino @ Wilhelmsen
Hendricks @ Bailey
Buchanan @ Garza
Kazmir @ Hudson
Harang @ Colon – Colon’s last two outings haven’t been sharp but I like him at home
Volquez @ Miller
Despaigne @ Kershaw


I traded Albert Pujols for Robinson Cano. I currently have Neil Walker at 2nd and Jose Abreu at 1st. Which frees up my DH slot for any hot hitter. Good trade? Thoughts?

I’m fine with this. You’re taking a significant hit in the HR department while downgrading slightly in runs and RBI but you’re also addressing a shallow position while at the same time opening up that extra hitter slot.


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