AL Fantasy All-Star Team

Zach here,

What better way to honor the upcoming All-Star game than to assemble Fantasy All-Star teams? Well, that’s exactly what I decided to do, starting with the AL squad today before naming the NL team tomorrow. The framework is simple. I’m using a standard fantasy starting roster of 14 hitters and 9 pitchers with the one caveat being that every real-life team has to be represented, just like in the real thing. So without further adieu, here’s the Junior Circuit roster.


C   Salvador Perez

C   Yan Gomes

1B  Edwin Encarnacion

MLB: Houston Astros at Tampa Bay Rays

2B  Jose Altuve

SS  Alexei Ramirez

3B  Miguel Cabrera

CI  Jose Abreu

MI  Ian Kinsler

MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Washington Nationals

OF  Nelson Cruz

OF  Mike Trout

OF  Michael Brantley

OF  Adam Jones

OF  Jose Bautista

UT  Victor Martinez


SP Felix Hernandez

SP Masahiro Tanaka

SP Yu Darvish

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Oakland Athletics

SP Scott Kazmir

SP David Price

SP Jon Lester

RP Koji Uehara

RP Glen Perkins

RP Dellin Betances

And just like in the real thing, there are snubs, most of them as a result of that annoying representative rule. Don’t get me wrong, every player who I ultimately chose for this team is deserving, but here are the notable guys who were left off the team even though from a stats perspective, they certainly deserve a spot.

Chris Sale – Needed a Rays representative, so Price got the nod.

Garrett Richards – Needed representatives from both the Rangers and Red Sox, so Darvish and Lester were automatic picks. Felix and Tanaka were no brainers, so in order to fit Richards, I would’ve needed to leave out Kazmir. Richards vs. Kazmir was a very close call.

Greg Holland – Needed a Twins representative, and Perkins was the best option.

Derek Norris – Gomes beat him out by a tiny margin.

Brandon Moss – Counting stats are there but his unspectacular AVG held him back.

Agree with the roster? Disagree with the roster? Any other snub suggestions? Let’s hear from 411 nation!


Hey Zach,
Will we be seeing an updated chart around the All Star break? IMHO, this season’s crop of PoD pitchers don’t have the same oomph as in years past, and would like to evaluate a few options on my teams.

Yours in the 411,

Yup, we’re due for an update and the ASB is a good time to do one.


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