NL Fantasy All-Star Team

Zach here again,

Yesterday, I unveiled my AL Fantasy All-Star Team. Today, let’s move over to the Senior Circuit. Remember that I’m filling a standard fantasy starting roster of 14 hitters and 9 pitchers while following the All-Star Game rule requiring at least one representative from each MLB team. Here’s the National League roster.


C   Jonathan LuCroy

C   Devin Mesoraco

1B  Paul Goldschmidt

2B  Dee Gordon

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies

SS  Troy Tulowitzki

3B  Todd Frazier

CI  Anthony Rizzo

MI  Daniel Murphy

MLB: Miami Marlins at St. Louis Cardinals

OF  Giancarlo Stanton

OF  Andrew McCutchen

OF  Charlie Blackmon

OF  Billy Hamilton

OF  Carlos Gomez

UT  Hunter Pence


SP  Johnny Cueto

SP  Adam Wainwright

MLB: Colorado Rockies at Los Angeles Dodgers

SP  Clayton Kershaw

SP  Zack Greinke

SP  Stephen Strasburg

SP  Tyson Ross

RP  Francisco Rodriguez

RP  Craig Kimbrel

RP  Jonathan Papelbon

As for the notable snubs, there’s no shortage of them.

Evan Gattis – Mesoraco vs. Gattis was incredibly close, but I ultimately chose Mesoraco as the #2 catcher due to the slightly higher AVG.

Yasiel Puig – His numbers are certainly All-Star worthy but I needed a Giants representative, so Pence got the last available hitter spot.

Julio Teheran – Unfortunately for Teheran, I needed a Padres representative (Ross).

Alfredo Simon – His non-elite strikeout rate was the difference.

Jason Hammel – I simply couldn’t justify picking him over any of the other starting pitchers on the roster.

Josh Beckett – See above.

Rafael Soriano – Lowest ERA of any closer (1.00) but he’s striking out less than a batter per inning and I needed a Phillies representative (Papelbon).

Anthony Rendon – I’ll save the biggest snub for last. Had him as my MI until I realized that the Mets were not represented, and Murphy is really the only reasonable choice out of all the Amazins.

As always, your feedback is more than welcome.


Henderson Alvarez? He may not strike too many out but in head to head leagues that don’t count strikeouts as a point he is a stud.

Scott Kazmir needs to be on the snubs list, definitely wouldn’t take him over the starters, but you can have Hammel and Simon, I’ll stick with the Kazmanian Devil.

Kazmir is in the AL. This is an NL list. Check the AL post. He’s there, and he even has his own picture!


ahhhhh the perils of having adult beverages and posting on websites, my apologies, I didn’t notice it was NL only.

I’m in a category league and am currently beating the division leader
11-2-1. I am in desperate need of a win, out of the starting pitchers the next 2 days, who do you guys think has the best chance at winning? Thanks

Totally impossible to predict. Try to choose pitchers who are (A) pitching well of late, (B) are on good teams and (C) are on teams with strong bullpens.


Thanks! Much appreciation

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