Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, July 22

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Cleveland Indians


Martinez @ Whitley
Peavy @ HappPeavy’s getting it together and Jays are not at full strength
B. Chen @ Carroll
Salazar @ Pino – tasty return matchup for Salazar
M. Gonzalez @ Santiago
Oberholtzer @ Kazmir
deGrom @ E. Ramirez – good place to gamble on Erasmo if categories warrant
Petit @ R. Hernandez – good gamble on Yusmeiro, too
Beckett @ Worley
Turner @ Minor
Stults @ Hendricks
Bailey @ Nelson – Reds have not been a scary matchup this year
Odorizzi @ Wainwright
@ Flande
Porcello @ C. Anderson


Is Beckett worth hanging onto or do you think his ongoing injury will have a negative effect on him

Depends on the league size, and last night’s performance wasn’t exactly encouraging, but overall, he’s been very strong this year, so I wouldn’t give up on him yet.



I have to drop a player to release Mike Napoli from the DL slot since I have and extra player now, but was waiting to see the outcome of Mark Teixeira or George Springer injuries to swap if they went DL. Another player dropped Ryan Zimmerman to waivers so thinking I should drop Teixeira and taking the risk of not landing him. I am 5th in waivers with all other players in front of me in last or near last. If I try to claim Zimmerman I need to drop a second player.

I am getting a message that I am reaching a limit of 200 starts with 30 left for pitchers.Are relievers exempt from the starter limit, since I see other teams with more relievers than starters. This is my first year playing in a 10 team Standard Rotisserie Format and currently leading in wins(73) and strikes (1098).I am in third place.

If relievers are preferable going forward then I was thinking of dropping R. A Dickey and Mike Minor as well. Then picking up a reliever instead like Zach Putman or Joaquin Benoit.

So in short my hopes are to acquire Zimmerman and a reliever but not sure if my reasoning is sound.

Sorry for the length Zach, but I always trust, and appreciate your judgment.



Well, it looks like Zimmerman might be injured again, so definitely hold off on that move. But assuming Tex returns soon, I slightly prefer him over Zim anyway since Tex is a far safer HR option.

As for the max starts, different leagues use different rules. Some, like this one, enforce a start maximum (with relievers being exempt) while others have an overall innings pitched max. With only 30 starts left, you’re way ahead of normal pace, which would equate to roughly 65 starts remaining. So you’ll need to start playing more relievers and fewer starters. To me, Dickey is an acceptable drop in a 10-team mixed but I’d hang onto Minor. However, I think your best bet is to try to trade one or more of your SP’s (even higher ranked ones) for an upgrade at another position. This way, you would be improving your team while at the same time addressing the start max situation.



OK so is the following offer fair?

Price for Cabrera
Gray for McCutchen

…or do I add Kluber or Fister to any of the above to sweeten deal?

Thank you so much for clarifying this.


I’d be shocked if the other owner accepts either of those offers. Adding Kluber to either could get it done (and I’d definitely make that trade if I were you), but even then, the Cabrera or McCutchen owner would probably want more.


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