Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, July 23

MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Pittsburgh Pirates


Bauer @ Gibson

Shields @ Quintana Quintana is very quietly having an outstanding season

Colon @ Walker

Darvish @ Phelps

Buchholz @ Dickey

Tillman @ Weaver

Peacock @ Chavez – But, Chavez 4.98 ERA in his last four starts…

Leake @ Lohse – Leake is rarely terrible, but too much risk here

Strasburg @ J. De La Rosa

An. Sanchez @ Cahill – keep an eye on Cahill once the schedule gets easy

Bumgarner @ Burnett – A.J’s last outing as a Phillie?

Haren @ Liriano – risk/reward on both but I’ll sit this one out

Eovaldi @ Big Erv – Eovaldi 2.95 ERA in his last 18 road starts

Cobb @ Lynn

Kennedy @ Wada


I hate to do it but dropping Beckett as Siegrist is coming off the DL and also have Cole on the DL….not sure what to do with him also? My other pitchers are Bailey/ Archer/ Miley/ Morton/ Teheran/ and Lester…..with Beckett having a torn Labrum and Cysts seems highest risk to keep although he did pitch very well up to this point but don’t want to carry 7 SPs

I picked up stroman and he pitched very well….is he worth keeping over above pitchers in 1st comment…..is Cole a must have or would you prefer the above pitchers as well

I’m not at all opposed to cutting ties with Beckett. I’d lean towards keeping the guys you already have over Stroman for now.

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