Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 1

MLB: Washington Nationals at Baltimore Orioles


Elias @ W. Chen – I like what I’ve seen from Chen of late.
Williams @ Salazar
Morales @ Verlander
Capuano @ Ranaudo
Shoemaker @ Hellickson
Darnell @ Sale
Happ @ McHugh
Guthrie @ Gray
R. Hernandez @ Fister
Vogelsong @ Niese – Vogelsong has a 5.44 ERA on the road.
Latos @ Cosart
Peralta @ Wainwright – Peralta’s 3.56 season ERA skewed by one 9 ER outing.
Volquez @ Nuno
Hendricks @ Haren
Minor @ Stults


Really…I’m supposed to start Minor? He’s such a train wreck this year…

No love for shoemaker, he been pitching well. Who you like going forward Shelby Miller, Bauer or Shoemaker. I have Miller right now but he scares me, was debating dropping for one of the other 2 guys.

Yeah, you’re right about Shoemaker. He’s definitely worth some attention (excellent K/BB). Honestly, all three scare me a bit. I’d probably lean towards Bauer going forward but for now, I’d play the matchups until one of the pitchers truly separates himself from the rest.


In an NL only 5×5 keeper league would you do this trade
Give: Devin Mesoraco (1 dollar)
Get: Billy Hamilton (8 dollars)
They are both keepers and I am in need of SB’s. What do you think? Thanks, Robby.

Seems very reasonable, and Hamilton for $8 is certainly great value.


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