Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 8

MLB: Arizona Diamondbacks at Pittsburgh Pirates


Masterson @ Tillman
Bauer @ Rogers
An. Sanchez @ Dickey – Dickey pitches better at home and Tigers are scuffling a little offensively
Bumgarner @ Vargas
Mikolas @ Oberholtzer
Webster @ Weaver
Gibson @ Kazmir
Quintana @ Iwakuma
@ Wada
Colon @ Burnett
Kennedy @ Worley – might as well ride the Worley train
Eovaldi @ Leake – blue-plate special on both if your categories will allow the risk
Strasburg @ Big Erv
R. Hernandez @ Lohse
Matzek @ C. Anderson

***ZACH SAYS “I’d give Tillman a shot at home (2.78 ERA this year) against a non-elite offense. Agree on rest.”


What would be the argument against Tillman? 11 straight starts of 3 ER or less.

Would you think Jose Abreu would be a 1st round for 2015?
I’m playing in a league were 1st round players cannot be keepers.
So i’m planning to make a trade to get a good keeper.
I received this offer:
Ortiz and Bumgarner for Jose Abreu.

No, I don’t think he will be a 1st rounder. I can count 12 players I would choose over Abreu including Miggie (who will lose 3B in some leagues), Joey Bats, E5, and Goldschmidt at 1B. However, Papi and Bumgarner is too much to offer IMHO. Madison for Jose 1:1 is better.🙂

In a 12-teamer, yes, I do think Abreu sneaks into the first round next year (very close though). Assuming you’re out of contention for this season, I don’t have a huge problem with that trade, though I might try for a slightly better return, being that Papi is getting up there in age.


Hey Zach,
I hope you are well. What are your thoughts on adding Pineda to a rotation of Scherzer, Fister, Iwakuma, Latos, Lynn, and Big Erv. I know there really isn’t a need for 7 starters in a 10t, h2h, mixed league, but I was thinking about match play with Pineda and Big Erv in the final weeks.
Thanks for all of your help this Summer.
Rich D.

It certainly can’t hurt to take a flier on him, but in a 10-team mixed, with a waiver wire that is likely stacked with quality SP options, it might be a bit overkill. I honestly have no idea what to expect from him, both from a performance and health standpoint.


who would you rather pick up…..E Santana or Arrieta

This appears a toss up. Although… I personally lean towards Jake. His K/9 rate in his starts since June has been impressive (covering the typical disaster at Coors of course).

Arrieta, due to his higher ceiling and higher K rate. I’ll give him a mulligan for Wednesday’s blowup, as it was at Coors.



I was thinking of dropping Mejia for Roberto Hernandez, and Stroman for Dallas Keuchel?


A definite no for the first question (despite Mejia’s shakiness of late) and a less emphatic no for the second one.



What are your thoughts on Trevor May compared to Stroman and Keuchel??

Well, my thoughts on May are obviously not positive right now!

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