Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 14

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals


Liriano @ Scherzer

Samardzija @ Shields

Feldman @ Webster

Odorizzi @ R. Ross

R. Hernandez @ Harang

Fiers @ Jackson – Fiers is a nice blue-plate special if you can afford to take a risk

Strasburg @ Gee Gee’s been erratic; play it safe if your categories dictate

C. Anderson @ Penny

Stults @ Lackey – good matchup for Lackey to bounce back

Simon @ J. De La Rosa – Simon has been good enough to trust in Coors vs. depleted Rox


who would you drop……I have Teheran/ McHugh/ Odorizzi/ Bailey/ Archer/ Lester/ and Duffy as my SPs……with Cole returning soon would you drop him or another

addendum with Bailey headed to the DL you think hes worth hanging onto….also E Santana was dropped would you replace Bailey with him or one of the above

I’d simply activate Cole and DL Bailey.

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