Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 19

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers


Oberholtzer @ Capuano
Weaver @ Webster
Scherzer @ Archer
Tillman @ Quintana
Bauer @ Gibson – Bauer always risky but I’ll give him a shot here.
Gee @ Kazmir – Gee a borderline call in tough matchup.
C. Anderson @ Strasburg
Iwakuma @ Burnett – Burnett hard to trust right now.
Harang @ Liriano – Harang coming off rough outing and Pirates lead NL in runs scored since All-Star break.
Mikolas @ Cosart
Vogelsong @ Wada
Happ @ Fiers – Fiers a decent gamble in deeper leagues but I’m not liking this matchup.
Simon @ Lackey
Shields @ Matzek – Very dangerous matchup for Shields though.
Kennedy @ Correia


I’m running up on my innings limit for the season. Who do you think is the better start, Tillman or Shields?

Shields definitely worries me in Coors Field since he has HR issues at times. But I’d still go with Big Game James, who has been outstanding since the All-Star break (2.16 ERA).


That was my thinking. Thanks Zach.

It’s do or die time, people. You need to take risks, not play it safe.

Fiers is the epitome of risk v reward. TOR has a great offense, but Fiers has nasty stuff and is at home with a very strong offense to support him.

Gibson has been excellent too. Both are Pitches.

I think a lot depends on where you are in the standings. Strength loves certainty, weakness loves risk, but this late in the season, I’m usually more conservative, as there’s less time to recover from a disaster outing.


I see you advise Voglesong this week but not Wada although Wada is the one I picked up for a start…..been burned by Voglesong in the past…..bad move?? trying to get extra Ks and hopefully a W

Yeah, Wada was a borderline call for me, so I’m fine with you using him. I slightly prefer Vogelsong though, as the Giants offense is better than the Cubs offense.


Do you still like Jesse Hahn in an NL only 5×5 league? Was offered a trade I’m going to accept with him in it where I’d be getting: Roark, Hahn and Granderson
for Kimbrel

Yeah, I’m still a fan of Hahn and I’m OK with that trade, being that it will also clear significant cap space.


Instead I got Ervin Santana, Roark and Granderson for Kimbrel

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