Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, August 21

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Arizona Diamondbacks


Keuchel @ McCarthy

Kluber @ Hughes – Four straight quality starts for Hughes.

Price @ Cobb – No, these guys aren’t teammates anymore.

Shoemaker @ R. De La Rosa – Haven’t lost faith in Rubby but this matchup worries me.

Miley @ G. Gonzalez – Miley is pretty much an automatic pitch when on the road (5-3, 2.86 ERA).

Teheran @ Holmberg

Bumgarner @ T. Wood

T. Ross @ Kershaw


What are your thoughts on this trade in an NL only keeper league
Give: Goldschmidtt (18 dollars)
Get: Carlos Gomez (9 dollars) and Buster Posey (18 dollars)
Now I have Cutch and Gomez being kept in the outfield.

Also who do you drop out of these
Miguel Montero, Seth Smith, Curtis Granderson or Denard Span. Need Power and SB. Leaning towards dropping Seth Smith.

Agreed on Smith. He has the least amount of upside out of that group.


If you’re in contention this year, it’s an absolute no-brainer. But even if you’re not, I’d do it. Gomez at $9 is just as good if not better value than Goldschmidt at $18 PLUS you’re getting a reasonably priced Posey.


What is your opinion on Garrett Richards as a keeper after last nights freak injury. I picked him up on the waiver wire at the beginning of the year, and will get him as a 9th round pick next year. I also have Wacha (10th) and Gray (11th) and G. Polanco (20th) as other options, and I get three. Do I stash him on the bench for the rest of the year (no current spots open on my DL), or just drop him. Thanks.

I’d really try to stash Richards if possible. Hopefully, using up that bench spot doesn’t interfere with your ability to compete this season. But if you find that it does, you might not have a choice.


H2H10T Dynasty; For weeks the same mgr keeps trying to trade me for Jose Fernandez (age 22), his last offer, a pkg of Mauer, Pedroia (both age 31) & Wright (32). I think that’s too many issues and age for a young elite starter. I am considering a counter offer asking for P. Goldschmidt (DL)… Fair?, If he rejects that then maybe for G, Springer… + Hosmer, or Joey Gallo or Taveras. What do you think? Thanks RK

Not a fan of that original offer for Fernandez. I love the Goldschmidt for Fernandez deal, as long as Goldy’s price isn’t through the roof. Springer + Hosmer seems like a pretty fair asking price as well.


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