Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, August 26

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Milwaukee Brewers


Cobb @ W. Chen
R. De La Rosa @ Dickey – Both a little risky though. Consult your league standings.
McCarthy @ Porcello
House @ Quintana
Nolasco @ Duffy
Hammel @ Keuchel – Hammel cannot be trusted right now.
Eovaldi @ Shoemaker – Shoemaker having a solid year.
Martinez @ Paxton – I’ll take a chance on Paxton here.
G. Gonzalez @ Hamels
Lynn @ Cole
T. Wood @ Cueto
A. Wood @ Gee
R. Hernandez @ Cahill
Nelson @ T. Ross – Very favorable matchup for Nelson.
J. De La Rosa @ Bumgarner



I am currently third in a 10 team standard rotisserie League that seems to last the length of the MLB season. Napoli and Teixeira are my first basemen, and I also own Santana and McCann who have first base eligibility. Allen Craig is on waivers and I was thinking of dropping either Napoli or Teixeira since I feel Allen, if hot, has more upside with OF eligibility. Should I drop one of the two for Allen?



It really has been a lost season for Craig and my confidence in him at this point is minimal. Plus, he’s clearly playing hurt. A strong bargain pick for next season, but for the immediate future, I’d pass.



Thanks I did not know he was injured.
What about Jorge Solero called up from Chicago…should I consider dropping Nap or Tex for him?


I’d hold onto Nap and Tex but would still try to find a way to add Soler. He has the potential to be a real difference maker down the stretch.



In fact do you see any of the rookies coming up worth picking up for the stretch?


To me, Soler is clearly the top guy in terms of immediate impact and the only call-up that I’d bother with in standard mixed leagues for the time being.


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