Pitch or Ditch for Friday, August 29

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Kansas City Royals


May @ M. Gonzalez – Gonzalez 2 ER or less in six of his last seven starts.

Capuano @ Buehrle

Ranaudo @ Archer

Verlander @ Carroll – Sticking with Verlander in favorable matchup.

Salazar @ Vargas – Both deserve a shot here.

Baker @ Oberholtzer

Lester @ Weaver

Zimmermann @ King Felix

Leake @ Volquez – I really don’t care how well Volquez has pitched of late. He’s still DTM in mixed leagues.

Buchanan @ deGrom – Buchanan worth considering in deep mixed/NL-only leagues.

Koehler @ Big Erv – Koehler very quietly putting together an impressive season.

Hendricks @ Miller – Miller a borderline call but I’ll play it safe.

Bergman @ Collmenter

Haren @ Cashner – Ideal matchup for the inconsistent Haren.

Peralta @ Vogelsong – Vogelsong a little risky though. Let your league standings be the deciding factor.


A no on Collmenter? I know he’s been up and down but his home/road splits are substantial (ERA about 3 R better at home) and Colorado is just not good. Scope is a 14-team mixed roto where we are fighting between #2 and #6 overall and looking to move up with most room for upside in ERA/WHIP cats.

Collmenter is borderline to me in a 12-teamer but it seems like every time I recommend him he disappoints. But in a 14-teamer, I’m OK with using him, as the stats are certainly in his favor. In a 12-teamer, I’d still lean towards passing.


Ok. Our add/drops freeze on 9/1 so I am deciding between Collmenter, Cosart or Salazar for RoS. I like Collmenter’s schedule the most of the three. Am I crazy for thinking him the rest of the way? Or, is Salazar the right pick of the three?

Not crazy at all. Strictly for this season, I’d lean towards Collmenter too.


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