Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 3

MLB: Kansas City Royals at Arizona Diamondbacks


King Felix @ Lester

Ranaudo @ Kuroda

Axelrod @ M. Gonzalez

Verlander @ Salazar – not the quality of matchup we anticipated back in April, but still…

Stroman @ Archer

Tepesch @ Vargas – Vargas has been solid and the Rangers look like a Triple-A team

Danks @ May

Weaver @ McHugh

Buchanan @ Big Erv

Volquez @ Miller – Volquez has surprised this year but I’m not trusting him

Zimmermann @ Frias

Vogelsong @ Bergman

deGrom @ Koehler – Koehler has a 2.69 ERA at home!

Garza @ Hendricks – ride the Hendricks wave vs. the righty-heavy Brewers

Collmenter @ Cashner – tempting to pitch Collmenter but I’ll stick with home starts only

***ZACH SAYS “I’d pitch Gonzalez, who has seven quality starts in his last eight outings. Ditch on Vogelsong at Coors. Agree on rest.”


yes having little info on Rizzo is annoying, having to use Posey at 1st in the playoffs and plugging Norris in at catcher…..anyways my question is if you have a hitter facing someone like Kershaw do you think its ever good to use a good but lesser hitter in their place against a lesser pitcher in a daily league?

Depends on the players involved but in a playoff situation, I generally like to stick with the guys that got me there. Sometimes, over-managing can get you into trouble, and I’d rather lose with my regular starters than lose because I benched one of my regular starters.



I am in a ten team Standard Rotisserie League own Prado and Gonzalez and afraid I will lose ground I was gaining down the stretch with their injuries if I hold them. I also have Springer in my one DL spot allowed.

Should I wait till they are listed as DL and drop Springer from DL and place one of the players in the slot and keep one injured player on the bench? It is sounding as if Springer may not return this year.

The other option I am considering is to make a clean break and drop both for Luis Valbuena and Mookie Betts?


The problem is that with the expanded rosters in September, teams rarely even use the DL option, leaving us fantasy players out of luck in these types of situations. I’m assuming you’re talking about Car-Go? He’s officially done for the year so obviously drop him in a non-keeper. Prado’s injury isn’t considered serious and he should be back in a couple days. That said, I wouldn’t have a problem with you dropping him for either Valbuena or Betts…Betts if you’re in need of speed. Prado is hot right now, but overall he just hasn’t been a very reliable fantasy option this year.


not many options but would you drop Rizzo? I could use Posey at 1st and pick up Iannetta for C or Ruiz/ Vogt,,,there really are not any 1st baseman to pick up….Francisco/ Singleton/ Allen

No. Hang onto him. He’s too valuable to do something radical like that.

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