Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, September 4

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at St. Louis Cardinals


Leake @ Tillman – Leake is pitching well lately but I don’t trust him in Baltimore

Scherzer @ Bauer – Bauer has two straight scoreless outings but I’m not risking it vs. Detroit

Workman @ Capuano

Buehrle @ Odorizzi – Odorizzi has been inconsistent lately and the Jays can rake

Elias @ R. Ross

Santiago @ Gibson

Wacha @ Peralta – not giving up on Peralta, but ditching here

Delgado @ Kennedy


schoop or Gyroko ROS?

I’d have to say Schoop. Gyorko has been an AVG killer while Schoop has seven homers since the beginning of August. His AVG isn’t good either, but at least he’s showing some signs of improvement in that department.



I know Kole Calhoun is consistent but not really having a good stretch over the last month. Going forward do I keep him or drop him for Juan Lagares? I am trying to consider both players history, and Juan ran out of steam last year, but he is very hard to ignore, especially with the green light to run the bases. Should I drop Kole and play Juan till he falters. So going forward always having one OF spot to rotate who ever is hot at the time going forward?


It’s a tough call but I think I’d stick with Calhoun. I just don’t have a lot of long-term faith in Lagares from an offensive standpoint.


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