Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, September 24

***Click HERE to listen to our season wrap up podcast. We unveil our All-Surprise, All-Disappointment and All-Fantasy teams and welcome in several special guests.

MLB: Houston Astros at New York Yankees


Norris @ Greene – outside of one meltdown, Greene has been pretty useful

Sale @ Verlander – Verlander’s still capable of a big game once in a while but can you count on that?

Nuno @ Hughes – Hughes is about to set the MLB record for K-BB in a season!

Santiago @ Lester – wow, Santiago’s resurgence was short-lived

Vargas @ Bauer – Vargas has been awesome on the road this year but awful his last two times out

Walker @ Buehrle – risk/reward call on Taijuan

Odorizzi @ Ranaudo

Feldman @ Bonilla – Feldman finishing strong

Gee @ G. Gonzalez

Locke @ Teheran

Lohse @ Corcino

Kendrick @ Hand

Lackey @ Arrieta

Flande @ Wieland

Hudson @ Kershaw – Hudson’s been awful in September

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All-Disappointment Team: The Fantasy411 2014 podcast. This has to improve for 2015. Tell MLB to spend a little more on Fantasy and a little less on FanCave.

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