Pitch or Ditch for Friday, September 26

***Click HERE to listen to our season wrap up podcast. We unveil our All-Surprise, All-Disappointment and All-Fantasy teams and welcome in several special guests.

MLB: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers


Archer @ Kluber
Tillman @ Hutchison
Swarzak @ Porcello
Capuano @ Wright
Kazmir @ Tepesch – Kazmir has been shaky lately but the Rangers offense is not scary
Guthrie @ Noesi
Weaver @ Iwakuma – Iwakuma has collapsed lately
Cosart @ Fister (Gm 1)
TBD (MIA) @ Hill (Gm 2)
Big Erv @ Williams
Worley @ Leake
Peacock @ Niese – Peacock worth a shot if chasing K’s in the endgame
Jokisch @ Nelson
Wacha @ Cahill
Lyles @ R. Hernandez
Kennedy @ Vogelsong



I’m looking to maximize my innings this weekend, but I’m not sure which day is best to do so. On sunday, I have already on my roster Cobb and Carrasco facing off against each other, plus Collmenter and Alex Wood. I can also pick up Nick Tropeano, Chriss Bassitt, Robbie Erlin, and Christian Bergmann (all not too appealing options).

On saturday, I have no pitchers on my roster, but I can pick up Dan Haren, JA Happ, John Danks, Cory Rasmus, Joe Kelly, Eric Stults, Rafael Montero and Kyle Lobstein.

I’m 5 points away from 1st place, but I can pick up 2 points in wins and 1 in k’s. Also, I’m close behind the leader in runs and era (3.324 vs 3.339). In other categories, there is no real room for improvement. Which day would you recommend to go for it?

Thnx Ivo

Definitely Sunday. I’m very confident in Cobb, Carrasco, Collmenter and Wood. Outside of Haren, I’m not a huge fan of those Saturday waiver wire options.


Zach, Corey, et al
Yay, a podcast! Before we say goodbye to another season of fantasy baseball, I want to thank you all for all you have done to help my teams this season (both H2H cat. teams are currently in the championship week). I have been a long time follower, and the PoD information you provide on this blog is invaluable. Even though most of us miss the 411 days… on the rare occasion when I see a “1” next to the podcast, I feel like a kid on Christmas. Seriously, how many other fantasy programs can claim they were broadcasting during the east coast earthquake?😀 Have a great offseason, and I look forward to some updates in the months leading to Spring Training ’15.


Bonus question to anyone out there: Can you name the player Corey was talking about during the earthquake footage? (my best educated guess is Cuddyer)

Much appreciated, Steve. And keep checking back here throughout October as I’ll be putting up posts during the postseason. Planning on doing an October expert early mock for 2015.


Wow a podcast, and is that Mikes voice!? Can’t wait to listen.
Just half a point out in my roto league and have exactly 1 inning remaining. Im 2QS behind the team above me but also tied in ERA with a team so don’t want to throw out scrubs. For my final pitching Cory-style blowout, im definately rolling out Fiers, Pineda, Salazar and Yordano on the final day. Would you consider Tropiano and N Martinez too?

Both would make me a bit too nervous with regard to ERA so I’d lean towards playing the four you have and hoping for quality starts there. If I had to pick one though, I’d go with Tropeano over Martinez.


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