Upcoming Mock Draft and More

Zach here,

Happy 2015 to all. It’s been awhile but it’s time to get this blog back up and running with regular new posts. A couple things:

-Keep an eye out for our annual full 23-round industry slow mock draft. The draft will be a 12-teamer with mostly the same participants as our October mini-mock. We’re waiting until next Monday to begin in order to allow the owners who are involved in this week’s FSTA Conference to devote their full attention to the mock draft! I’ll be posting the pick-by pick results along with short commentary from the various participants at the end of each round or two and there will also be a link here to the live google spreadsheet.

-Beginning this week, I’ll be posting positional previews (figure one or two per week) which will follow a players who I will target/players who I will avoid format.

Well, that’s it for now. And as always, feel free to post your questions and I will get back to you.


Z & Team –

Keeper question:

Ok, this is key offseason for my 12 Team mixed, H2H weekly points, keeper league. 27 round draft.

The points each week are accumulated based on starting 12 bats (C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 4 OF, CI, MI, and UTL) and 9 arms (of any kind SP, MR, CL etc) and total pts accumulated wins the week.

Bat points earned: HR (4pts) R (1) RBI (1) SB (2) 1B (1) 2B (2) 3B (3) BB (.5) *no negative pts for K’s.

Arm points earned/lost: IP (2pts) W (10) SO (1) SV (8) CG (5) L (-2) ER (-1) HA (-.5) BB (-.5)

We have up to 5 keepers max allowed per team (so max 60 players before draft starts, but often quite less based on multi-slot costs of keepers, etc).

Think of those 5 as total slots available for a team. The simple rule is a keeper retains the draft slot from last season and counts as 1st year keeper in new snake draft. And you have to wait till an open round before you get to draft a new player in the snake. However, any player kept for 2nd or more year counts as additional slot (so a 2nd yr keeper counts as 2 slots of the 5, a 3rd yr keeper counts as 3 of the 5, and therefore longest you can keep a player is 5 yrs and all your slots would be used up, then he returns to draft pool the next year.)

Keep in mind, any Non-Drafted Free Agents count as a 13th rounder, and if more than one NDFA if kept, then its a 12th round for 2nd one, 11th round for 3rd one, etc.

Based on my finish, I expect to have the 9th overall pick slot of 12 in the new snake, so I am thinking about these options for keepers:

King Felix round 1 (1st year keeper = 1 slot)
Adam Jones round 2 (1st year keeper = 1 slot)
Yu Darvish round 3 (2nd year keeper = 2 slots)
G. Springer round 12 (1st year keeper = 1 slot)

Other options would be:

J. Soler (13th rd UDFA)
G. Polanco (13th rd UDFA)
K. Vargas (13th rd UDFA)
A. Arismendy (13th rd UDFA)
K. Bryant (13th rd UDFA)
A. Chapman (23rd rd = 3 slot keeper)

Do you think my 4 are the best choices, knowing I wont draft till 4th round? Or would you replace any with other options?

-BDH in DC


Chapman for a 23rd is very tempting but the 3 slot factor pretty much eliminates him. I also like Soler but you will probably be able to re-draft him at a similar price. I’m always wary of keeping too many high-priced starting pitchers, but the point system in your league does increase the value of pitchers compared to a traditional roto league. So ultimately, yes, I agree with your choices.


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