FSTA Draft Results

MLB: Chicago Cubs at New York Mets

Hey everyone,

Last night, representatives from 13 different prominent fantasy sites gathered in Las Vegas for the annual FSTA (Fantasy Sports Trade Association) baseball draft. Here are the results.

The FSTA league is a 13-team mixed league that uses the standard 5×5 categories with 29-man rosters (6 bench). Among non-keeper industry leagues, the FSTA draft is usually the earliest one, and it’s always educational to have non-mock results to analyze in January. Of course, the downside of a January draft is that two months from now, some of the picks will seem very outdated, as a number of impact free agents have yet to sign, roles have yet to be determined and jobs have yet to be won. And as in any draft (especially industry drafts, as these guys rarely draft “by the book”), there were plenty of surprises, the first major one being Anthony Rizzo at #7 overall!

Anyway, have a nice time studying these results, and feel free to share your thoughts.



George Springer 33rd overall pick? As someone who is high on George Springer, I see 33rd overall pick as too high. Do the experts really see that George Springer will really bring that value back?

Has the list of 12 been put out yet? I think the last couple years it was out before the year was over but I have looked in old blog posts and cannot find it.

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