2015 Player Preview Is Here!

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Hey everyone,

Just in case you missed it (and it’s kind of hard to miss it via the homepage), the 2015 MLB.com Player Preview has officially launched, with outlooks, projections and rankings for over 800 players. So even if you’re in a 20-team AL-only league, chances are there’s a profile to read on someone you might be thinking about drafting in the 23rd round. Also note that you can sort by position ranking, team ranking and projected stat. There’s also a link on the top panel that will take you to a separate page of prospect rankings.

So delve right in. Pitchers and catchers begin to report in 16 days.



Hey 411 ,

Big day as the season preview is out! Keeper league question where can keep 4 of a $260 budget. 6×6 with obp and QS
Kershaw $41
Tulo $30
J Upton $22
Rendon $1
Springer $1
Harper $41
Kluber $5
Cueto $5

Which 4 should I keep?

As always,

Welcome back maysways!

This one is very straightforward for me. The four cheapest guys: Rendon, Springer, Kluber, Cueto. I’d be thrilled if I had one or two of those players at those prices. You have four.


What’s the 411, hon? Howdy to the 411 crew. Shaking off the cobwebs of pigskin and looking forward to hardball! Player previews are awesome! Thanks. Any idea when/if Cory will be posting the first round of magical composite projections?

The projections usually aren’t posted until late February or early March, but I’ll check with Cory.


Hey 411,

8×8 (R,H,HR, RBI, SB, AVG, OBP, SLG, W, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, K/BB, K/9, QS)

Miggy (Round 1)
Cano (Round 1)
Pujols (Round 1)
V-Mart (Round 10)
Josh Harrison (Round 24)
Cespedes (Round 2)
Lorenzo Cain (Round 24)
Gregory Polanco (Round 24)
Miguel Montero (Round 24)
Wainwright (Round 11)
Ventura (Round 22)
Kluber (Round 13)
Kenley Jansen (Round 15)
Greg Holland (Round 21)

*If 2 players kept in the same round the player gets bumped up (unless 1st round where one player gets bumped down)

How many can you keep?

Keep 7.

My 7 would be: Jansen, Holland, Polanco, Kluber, V-Mart (OBP addition gives him a boost), Wainwright, Ventura, with Cain being a very close #8.


is the list of 12 posted any place?

Coming very soon!


Great news but cant say im too thrilled with the player preview layout, having to click on each player to have a blurb pop up and no video now. Any reason why they changed the format from past years?

Sorry Zach forgot to mention keep 7.

Hi 411,

I have a keeper question. I’m in a 5×5 league and can keep four players. I have narrowed down my list to seven players with their associated round values: Mesoraco (18), Altuve (5), Polanco (27), Arenado (24), Allen (12), Cueto (10), and Ventura (21). Which four would be your top options and why? Thank you,



To me, the three easy choices are Arenado, Mesoraco and Polanco. The fourth keeper is where it gets tricky. I’d be between Altuve and Cueto. On value, Cueto beats out Altuve. But at the same time, I’m always wary of keeping starting pitchers, particularly a guy like Cueto who has an injury history. But he’s an ace when healthy. Altuve is no worse than a second rounder and plays at a weak position. So you’re getting a three round discount with him. Ultimately, I’d choose Altuve, though a strong case could be made for Cueto.



ALso a keeper issue. allowed 3 in 16 team 5×5 roto 24 man roster

I have VMart in round 10, Lester in round 13. Was planning on staying with VM but recent injury and upcoming surgery and recovery throw possible wrench in soup. Keeper list in 4 weeks so I get some time. Thoughts?!

Other keepers are: Harper in 13 [if VMart] or 14[if Lester] and Bryant in 19

Hey Zach. Would you rather keep Zack Wheeler with an 18 or Yan Gomes with a 16? I’ve got Cespedes, Bautista, Strasburg, Chapman and Dozier as my other keepers.

Both are great keepers but when at similar costs, I’ll always take the hitter, and that’s the route I’d follow here with Gomes. Pitchers are simply too frustrating on a year to year basis!


hey Zach. i ‘ve been offered a trade where i give cano & donaldson to get fielder -hanley – and c.dickerson. its a keeper league keeping 6. my other keepers are frazier -s.castro -cespedes -ellsbury. deal or no deal? who to drop if its a deal?


If it were just the 3-for-2, I might do it, but taking into account that you will need to give up on one of your current keepers in order to keep the extra player, I’d ultimately pass. Essentially, the trade would be Cano, Donaldson and Castro for Fielder, Hanley and Dickerson, which tips the scales in the other direction. I’m not a big fan of either Hanley or Dickerson this year considering their likely cost on draft day.


Hi Zach. Keeper question. We keep 6. Mesoraco (20), Craig (24), Carpenter (19), Encarnacion (17), W.Myers (21), Arenado (13) and Degrom, Betts, R.Castillo, J.Gallo and C.Correa all final rounders. I’m down to Encarnacion, Degrom, Betts, Castillo and Correa. Debating between Mesoraco or Arenado for the final one. What 6 would you go with? Thanks.

Arenado, despite the steeper price. I just couldn’t let him go at a price that will look like an absolute steal a year from now.


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