Mixed LABR Draft Results

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Hey everyone,

Studying expert mock drafts is a great way to prepare for your real drafts. Studying expert real drafts is even better. Last night, LABR kicked off its 2015 draft season with the mixed league draft (AL and NL auctions still to come). Mixed LABR is a 15-team league with 29-man rosters (6 bench), and it’s safe to say that this draft did not follow the book in terms of the pick-by-pick results, the most prominent example being the #3 overall selection. CLICK HERE for the complete results. And as always, feel free to chime in with your own comments. Unfortunately, as a member of the Tout Wars Mixed Auction league, these results don’t do a whole lot for me. Oh well.



Kershaw at #3 is not a complete surprise. However, Rendon at #12?! What would be the logic for that pick over Bautista or Tulo?

The multi-position eligibility does add some value to Rendon. Tulo is always a huge injury risk (personally, I’ve moved on from him). I agree on Bautista. I’d take him over Rendon. But the biggest point to take away from this is that if you’re a Rendon guy, be prepared to pay up!


Corey, Mike, or Zach,

I have a pretty big dilemma on a keeper league. 10 team 7×7. Extra categories are strikeout and total bases for hitting and QS and Losses for pitching. We keep 5.
My top 3 are Trout, Tulo, and Posey.

I need to decide on 2 more keepers from the following 4 players. C.Dickerson, Cespedes, Votto or Greinke.

For years I have always followed Corey and Mike with waiting on pitchers but Greinke might be worth keeping here? Thanks for your time.


Yeah, I’d go with Greinke and Cespedes, especially since you’re not keeping any other SP’s. Not much of a believer in Dickerson at this point. I need to see him do it again.


When is the LABR NL auction?

AL/NL LABR is the weekend of March 7-8. Not sure which one is on which day.


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