LABR Auction Results

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Zach here,

With my Tout Wars Mixed Auction draft less than two weeks away, it’s time to get serious. And what better way to kick off the “serious” stage of my draft prep than to study the prices in the LABR auctions! Even though these are non-mixed leagues, at least I now have an idea as to how much certain players on my target list will cost. I’ll shave off a few bucks to adjust to the deeper player pool, but a lot can be learned nonetheless. Here are the results from this past weekend’s AL LABR and NL LABR drafts.

AL LABR Results

NL LABR Results

As always feel free to comment. Do any of these prices seem particularly strange? I wouldn’t spend $40 on any pitcher, even if his name is Clayton Kershaw. But that’s just me.



Dmenz here again. Pretty much same question you answered last time with an extra player thrown in. 10 team mixed root 7×7.
Extra cats are strikeouts and tb on offense and Losses and QS for pitching. We keep 5. My top 3 are Trout, Posey and Tulo. which 2 of the following would you keep? C.Dickerson, J.Votto, Y.Cespedes, J.Lester, Z.Greinke, J.Cueto? Thank you Zach.


Roto* not root

Greinke and Cespedes. I wouldn’t keep more than one pitcher and Greinke is clearly the top choice of that SP trio. I’m concerned about Votto’s power outage and Cespedes gets the slight edge over Dickerson due to the more established track record.


Can you describe how you adjust $ values for a mixed auction based off these results? Do the top values stay pretty much the same?
Thank you.

A few examples would be awesome

I don’t have any particular formula but generally, the prices tend to be higher across the board in a non-mixed due to the scarcity factor, so when preparing for Tout Mixed Auction I’m expecting the prices to be a few bucks less for everyone. The Tout Wars website ( has the complete results from last year’s three auctions (AL, NL and Mixed) so that could be a useful tool to get a better idea.


Hello Zach,

12 team mixed H2H 7×7
Keep 3 players, 1 Bat and 1 Pitcher minimum.
I will pick at No. 11 slot, snake draft.

Buster Posey Round 3.11
Corey Kluber Round 3.11
Greg Holland Round 5.11
David Ortiz Round 5.11
Iwakuma Round 7.11
Matt Carpenter Round 10.2
Alex Wood Round 13.11
Rusney Castillo Round 13.11

For example if 2 players are selected within the same round, the top adp player will be 1 round before. In the case that Kluber and Posey are selected Posey will be Round 2.2 and Kluber 3.11

This league is very heavy on pitching early.

Thanks for your advice.


My three would be Posey, Ortiz and Wood. I’m generally not a fan of keeping DH-only guys but this scoring system with OBP and SLG enhances Big Papi’s value to the point where I think he’s a no-brainer at 5.11. Posey at 3.11 is positive value and you’re holding onto a guy who is by far the best fantasy option at his position. I’d be hesitant to keep Kluber anyway for that price but the fact that keeping him raises Posey’s cost to 2.2 is a deal breaker. In a standard 5×5 league, Holland at 5.11 would be an acceptable keeper but closers are devalued in this league with the inclusion of Holds as a category. Wood at 13.11 is too enticing to pass up.


Analizing your response, i omit to tell you that i have the oportunity to get Tyler Clippard at Round 18. Considering that this is a lg with HLD, would you get him as a Keeper?



I’d still go with Posey, Ortiz and Wood.


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