Tout Wars Mixed Draft Results

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Zach back with you,

Another day, another experts draft! Last night, 15 fantasy aficionados (some of them also happening to be LABR participants) gathered in front of their computers for the Tout Wars Mixed Draft, a 29-round snake draft (6 reserves). You can view the complete results HERE

A few observations:

-Joey Votto at 1.11 is understandable being that Tout uses OBP instead of AVG, but it’s surprising nonetheless considering his recent injury woes and his power outage. Edwin Encarnacion, taken one pick later, seems like a much safer 1B choice, and having posted OBPs of .384, .370 and .354 over the past three seasons, it’s not like he’s a slouch in the category.

-Note that Adam Jones fell to pick #18, but again, it’s all about OBP. Despite batting at least .280 in each of the last five seasons, Jones has posted an OBP higher than .325 just once. I actually expected him to fall even further. On the other hand, it’s also important to not get so caught up in OBP that you completely avoid a hitter who has been the model of consistency when it comes to the counting stats.

-Best values within the first ten rounds: Matt Kemp (4.08), Greg Holland (5.14), David Ortiz (8.03)

-Biggest reaches within the first four rounds: Jonathan LuCroy (2.10), George Springer (2.13), Kole Calhoun (4.15)

As always, you’re welcome to chime in. What are your picks for best values and biggest reaches?


Surprised Votto went that early too…Paul is really big on him this year.

Question–I can only keep one of the following 2 options in a 12 team mixed; EE in the 15th round or Altuve in the 13th. I’ll lose EE after this year, I have 1 additional year on Altuve in the 6th round.

My other keeper is Gomez, so I’m inclined to keep EE even though I lose him after this year to balance my team. We only keep 2 players, so hopefully I’ll have a keeper option around as good as Altuve in the 6th. Thoughts?

Agreed on EE. I’ll always prioritize playing to win now as opposed to thinking too much about next year, and I think keeping EE gives you the best chance to win in 2015.


Who should I keep I can choose two? Kole Calhoon, Brian Dozier, Christian Yelich, Jorge Soler. Each are $1

Calhoun and Soler.

Springer in round 2?! Most overhyped player entering 2015 hands down. Had he played a full season last year he would have struck out over 200 times! You can’t tell me he fixed his plate discipline in one off season.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past year or two is that more industry people are following the “I’d rather draft him a year too early than a year too late” approach, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I’m just not ready to go down that road, particularly in a non-keeper. I guess Springer has now taken the place of Bryce Harper as the guy who everyone jumps on, expecting that this will be the year.


A little surprised by Calhoun at 4.15, but that does bring up my keeper question. In a 16-team mixed with a couple extra cats, we can keep 3 players. My first 2 will be Puig and Donaldson, but I’m not sure who to keep as my third (if any) of the following players: Carlos Gonzalez, but I’m concerned about his injury troubles; David Ortiz, same thing, but I can put him at 1B; Cole Calhoun, we play with 3 designated OF’s and since Calhoun is only eligible at RF, that would limit my versitility a bit; Craig Kimbrel, we can only play 2 RP’s every day; Alex Cobb, but I’m concerned about his win totals. The extra cats are Hits, BB, Assists, errors and SLG for hitters and IP, losses, BB, induced double plays and TB for pitchers.

What are your thought on this? Thnx, Ivo

I’m assuming that if you keep two instead of three, you will get an extra pick prior to the start of the regular draft? In that case, I’d just keep the two you mentioned. With only three keepers allowed, I think you will be able to draft someone better with your first round pick.


Hey Guys,
My league is changing to OBP from Average and QS from Wins. I am searching the internet for rankings spreadsheet that uses OBP. I haven’t found one on your site. I have just been using this mock draft as an alternative. Can you help me out?

I’m not aware of any available OBP rankings spreadsheet that you don’t have to pay a fee for.

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