Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, April 15

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MLB: Chicago Cubs at San Diego Padres


Danks @ Bauer
Haren @ Stults – I don’t mind picking on the Braves with Haren
G. Gonzalez @ Miley
Santiago @ Ranaudo
Eovaldi @ B. Norris – spring hype didn’t pan out in Eovaldi’s first start
Simon @ Liriano – I’ll roll with Liriano but Detroit’s O is scary
E. Ramirez @ Buehrle
Williams @ Niese
Marquis @ T. Wood
Volquez @ Gibson
Pomeranz @ McHugh
@ Lynn
C. Anderson @ Morrow – Morrow’s debut was impressive, so why not?
T. Walker @ B. Anderson
Matzek @ Lincecum

***ZACH SAYS “Santiago was so-so in his first start. Pitching him in Texas would scare me too much. Agree on rest.”


Hmm, I’m not sure we should be assuming a 1-6 disheveled Miami team near the bottom in the MLB in offensive production led by Dan Haren would be considered picking on a 6-1 Braves team at home closer to the top 10 in MLB production….as strange as that seems through the first week+. Personally I don’t want either of them.

When do you think Yasmany Tomas will be called up? I drafted him in my reserve draft for my NL only keeper league. Upon activation he will be 1 dollar (and probably a keeper). I was just wondering if you may know anything I don’t about him coming up.
Thanks, Robby.

No inside info here, but in an NL-only keeper, you obviously need to be patient and hold onto him. I don’t see a call-up as imminent though.


Well, would you look at that! haha… Well my CI right now is Juan Uribe so I think I should activate Tomas now. What do you think?
Thanks, Robby

Sure, why not! Be sure to listen to today’s podcast. A lot of Tomas talk.


Shoot, just realized he doesn’t have 3b eligibility, who do I drop from my outfield: Cutch, Gomez, Inciarte, Cameron Maybin, Drew Stubbs or Ben Revere? I’m thinking Stubbs.

Agreed on Stubbs.

is it time to drop Gyorko? he does not seem to play at all anymore……Col 2B is available

Nope. Hang onto him. Too early to give up.


what a out Buehrle? Seems like an easy win

To me, the risk with Buehrle outweighs the reward, and chasing wins is dangerous.


any chance that matt cain comes back? or should i drop him to pick up some one else like buchholz, morrow, butler, jimmy nelson, desclafani, lincecum, milone, buehrle, hudson, haren, and miguel gonzalez? I know we got only a small sample of how their season is going but i have kennedy and cain on dl, and i have wilson who i was hoping for a bounce back year.

Yeah, I’m sure that Cain will come back. How effective he will be this season remains to be seen. But if you have an open DL spot, you might as well hang onto him. If you don’t feel free to drop him for one of those waiver wire guys. Morrow and Haren are my favorite options among that group.


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