Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 16

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MLB: Minnesota Twins at Chicago White Sox


Vargas @ Milone – like Milone at home, especially after his impressive debut
Fiers @ Lackey
@ Fister
@ Ar. Sanchez – I think Sanchez is a better fit in the ‘pen
Cosart @ Gee – both worth watching, but not starting, at least not now
Bradley @ Bumgarner

***ZACH SAYS “Vargas was solid in his season debut against a formidable Angels lineup. I’d consider pitching him in a favorable matchup at Target Field. Agree on rest.”


I’m looking for a trade chip and with Cobb and Verlander on the DL do you think i should sell high on Bauer or Greene? Or someone more established like Tillman?

At this point, I’d totally be open to trading Greene or Bauer, particularly Greene, whose stock cannot possibly get higher than it is right now. I’ll give Bauer the edge over Greene due to the higher strikeout upside, despite the shaky control.


Drop Chris Owings in favor of Alex Guerrero?

Yeah, I’m fine with that.


I dropped Pompey for Kole Calhoun. Not sure it was a good idea. Should I, at the very least, pick him back up for an expendable pitcher?

I’d drop Pompey for Calhoun 100 times out of 100, though if you do have an expendable pitcher, I’d certainly try to re-acquire Pompey. I’m a fan of both outfielders.


Also, at what point do you give up on Lohse? I’m having my doubts about him.

Not yet, but it’s getting close. I’ve never been a huge Lohse supporter. Not enough K’s to bail him out when he gets into jams, which in turn results in some very ugly outings.


would you drop Gio / D Norris(Tor) or C Lewis for H Bailey….also have Richards on DL

No on Gio or Norris. Yes on Lewis.


I still have Owings and Gyroko as my MI on my roster but neither gets consistent PT….would you take DJ or T Beckham or Solarte over either of them?

D.J. over Owings? Yes.


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