Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 21

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Taijuan Walker


Lynn @ G. Gonzalez
@ J. Williams – pickin’ on the Phillies
T. Wood @ Liriano
B. Norris @ Buehrle
Eovaldi @ Lobstein
Cahill @ Niese – pickin’ on the Braves
Miley @ Archer
Carrasco @ Noesi – Noesi just keeping the seat warm for Rodon
Milone @ Vargas – both of these guys worth deeeep consideration
Marquis @ Fiers
Morrow @ Matzek – impressive start for Morrow but I’m not trusting him in Coors, not yet
Martinez @ C. Anderson
Pomeranz @ Santiago – solid risk/reward profile for this matchup
McHugh @ Walker – if Walker can’t handle the Astros right now, he belongs in Triple-A
B. Anderson @ Lincecum


Who, if anybody, should I cut in order to pick up Danny Salazar: Odorizzi, Quintana, Ross, Teheran, Greene, Ryu? Thanks!

I’m assuming you can just leave Ryu on your DL? If I had to pick one of the other guys to drop, I’d lean towards Greene. It sounds crazy right now, but I’m just not a long-term believer in him. My first choice would be to drop one of you hitters and hang onto Greene until you can work out a sell-high type of trade, perhaps for an offensive upgrade.


Thanks Zach, I came to that conclusion too re: Cueto/Kemp.

Would you mind giving me your thoughts on B. Buxton this year and next? When do you think he will be called up and what will his impact be?

Check the comments under the Two-Start Pitchers post.


Ive used Napoli as a DH but he has not been productive and I picked up Middlebrooks to fill in a empty slot today but now facing needing to drop a player as I also have Fielder and C Santana for CI leaning towards dropping Napoli also need a SP looking at Volquez or Santana not sure what else is available

Yes, Napoli would be the guy to drop.


Currently getting killed in my league. Napoli and Morneau are on the wire. I have V. Martinez and Encarnacion as my 1Bs and Pedro, Moose, and Headley as my 3B (1 CI spot). Thinking about dropping Headley for Morneau.

Headley vs. Morneau is close, and I’d slightly lean towards giving Headley a bit more time. But I don’t have a huge problem with you going with Morneau.


M. Latos was released and is a FA in my league, should I pick him up or go with B. Morrow instead?

At this point, I’d rather have Morrow. I’m still not sold on Latos despite the decent performance his last time out.


above I said looking at Volquez and also meant Salazar not Santana and also Morrow is available thx

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