Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, April 23

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Tyson Ross


Hendricks @ Locke

Phelps @ McGowan

Tanaka @ An. Sanchez – tough test but Tanaka looked revitalized last time

Teheran @ Colon

Bailey @ Lohse – can’t trust any Brewers right now

Ross @ Lyles – yep, I’ll stick with Ross in Coors

Bolsinger @ Vogelsong

Wacha @ Scherzer

Chavez @ Tropeano – Chavez is borderline but the Angels aren’t hitting much

Tillman @ Hutchison – don’t like the matchup for either based on how they’ve been throwing

Buchholz @ Odorizzi

Ventura @ Sale

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Why the ditch on CJ Wilson?

Still tough to trust Wilson, and the A’s lineup has performed well this year (3rd in AL in runs scored).


Even though it’s early in season never too early to discuss trade potentials.

3 year keeper league
6×6 mixed league: R,HR,RBI,SB,OBP,SLG

I’m trying to land a trade for an impact bat. I have good young arms and want to sell high. Who has most trade value? Who should I keep for long haul? Who should I get rid of as quick as possible?

S. Kazmir, J. Odorizzi, A. Cashner, C. Kluber, T. Bauer, D. Salazar, & D Smyly.

Speed is definitely the weakness of my team and the slow start hasn’t helped the other categories!

J. Lucroy, B. McCann, M. Adams, K. Wong, A. Rendon, B. Zobrist N. Arenado, A. Beltre, Y. Cespedes, A. McCutchen, M. Kemp, J Heyward, and R. Castillo.

Appreciate the feedback!

Just offered M. Betts & J. Lester for M. Kemp & A. Cashner.

Or Chris Sale. I’m definitely liking Sale instead of Lester.

Thoughts on Sale/Betts for Kemp/Cashner?

A fair trade, but what I don’t understand is why, if you’re looking for an upgrade on offense, are you considering a trade where the upgrade you’re getting is on the pitching side at the expense of your offense. Try to find a different way to add speed, where the hitter exchange represents an overall value upgrade.


Pass on this one. The best player in the deal is Kemp and Betts isn’t enough of a known commodity. He’s off to a so-so at best start.


I was offered Pearce and Tillman for my Russell and Greene. I have Kipnis, Wong, and A. Escobar for my 2B/SS. What are your projections on Russell and Pearce (does he turn it around) this year and if I decide to deal Russell what kind of return should I look for? 10 team Redraft league

I’m not a big believer in Pearce. Last year came out of nowhere and he’s 32 years old, so the upside just isn’t there, though he obviously isn’t this bad! Going forward this season, I’d much rather gamble on Russell, and Tillman isn’t really an upgrade over Greene, even when factoring in the likely regression on the part of Greene.


I thought about Chavez, but I doubt he goes longer than 5 innings, so for quality starts leagues he’s a risky play.

And now I can freely admit I was wrong. Angels offense is inept right now.

who do you feel will be a better asset to your fantasy team
alex guerrero or addison russell? Thanks for your feedback !

Russell. He’s playing every day while Guerrero isn’t.


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