Pitch or Ditch for Friday, April 24

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Marcus Stroman


deGrom @ Pineda

Porcello @ M. Gonzalez – Both are viable options in deeper leagues but tough matchups, so I’ll play it safe.

Al. Wood @ Harang – Harang has earned it.

Salazar @ Greene – Ditto for Salazar.

Lester @ Leake – Difficult matchup for Leake but he was very impressive last time out.

Zimmermann @ Latos – Not trusting Latos yet.

Dickey @ Smyly – Sitting Smyly for first start back. Scary matchup as well.

Duffy @ Quintana – Duffy worth monitoring but he needs to show us something. Giving Quintana another chance.

C. Martinez @ Garza – Garza 9-to-9 K/BB ratio so far.

Heston @ Butler – Heston has been lights out, but Coors Field? No thanks.

Cole @ Collmenter – For 12-team mixed league purposes, better safe than sorry with Collmenter.

Wandy @ Richards

Keuchel @ Kazmir

Hughes @ King Felix – Hughes a ditch until further notice.

Greinke @ Cashner

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CORY’S PICKS

deGrom @ Pineda

Porcello @ M. Gonzalez – Porcello in the midst of a rough stretch of matchups, but don’t forget him

Al. Wood @ Harang

Salazar @ Greene – good test for hot-starting Greene, and walk-prone Salazar

Lester @ Leake

Zimmermann @ Latos

Dickey @ Smyly – tough debut matchup for Smyly, but gotta go for it

Duffy @ Quintana – Duffy has not been sharp and ChiSox righties are tough

C. Martinez @ Garza

Heston @ Butler – not testing Heston in Coors, not yet

Cole @ Collmenter yes on Collmenter at home

Wandy @ Richards

Keuchel @ Kazmir

Hughes @ King Felix

Greinke @ Cashner – stay up late!

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Should I trade my Greene for elvis andrus? My pitching is good enough to lose greeene.

Super deep league. Drop Cameron maybin for Choo?

Yes. Choo is certainly worth a gamble if he’s on the waiver wire and I’m getting tired of Maybin. He isn’t even playing every day anymore.


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