Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, April 28

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Drew Hutchison


Hutchison @ Buchholz – hard to trust either of these guys

Guthrie @ Bauer


Odorizzi @ Whitley

Cole @ Teheran – Playing it safe with Cole

Lohse @ Cueto

R. Montero @ Phelps – I like both of these guys in deep leagues

Happ @ Detwiler

Locke @ T. Wood

An. Sanchez @ Pelfrey

S. Gonzalez @ Wacha

Kendrick @ Bradley

Weaver @ Gray – Weaver is a home-only play right now IMO

Bumgarner @ Kershaw

R. Hernandez @ Ross

***ZACH SAYS “I’d play it safe and ditch on both Montero and Phelps. Montero has been erratic through four relief appearances (four walks in 4 1/3 IP) while a dominant performance against the Phillies by Phelps isn’t enough of a reason for me to trust him versus a far superior Mets team. Agree on rest.”

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Is Roark definitely starting tomorrow?

Nope. Depends on Scherzer’s health, so yeah, probably not a good idea to feature him:-)

Thanks man. I have a 7 move limit in my one league and didn’t want to waste a pick up unless there was a good chance he was starting.

Arrieta and Souza too much for Strausburg? 10 team head to head…

No, I don’t have a problem with that, especially in a non-keeper.


Would you Pitch Alex Cole for Scherzer today? Roark is not starting.

Hopefully, you didn’t!

Hey Zach et al.
First, I want to thank you again for the spectacular job done with the blog and podcast, and look fwd for the first PoD chart of the 2015 season! Everything here is instrumental to the successes I have had in all my leagues since the days of JB hosting the daily TV program on the MLB network. My inquiry today is just a verification I am not blind or crazy. A manager in my 10team H2H category 12×13 8 keeper league (4 OF, 2 Util) dropped Carlos Gomez. He clears waivers tomorrow to which I have top priority. Other than his his slow start, and recent hamstring issue, is there any reason why I wouldn’t be jumping all over this opportunity? Werth is currently the low man on my OF totem pole which includes Braun, Ellsbury, Cespedes, and JD Martinez (Semien and Segura fill the 2 Util positions). If all is good with Gomez, would you drop Jayson for Carlos, or should I replace one of my borderline Grad/PoD pitchers ( D. Norris, C. Martinez, Shoemaker, Duffy, Heston) until I have more time to think about the addition? Thank you in advance.

Update: Went Daniel Norris for Carlos Gomez. Curious to know if I wasted my 1st overall waiver for the claim.

Waste? I can’t really think of any player more deserving of a #1 waiver claim. Dropping Gomez is the worst fantasy move I’ve ever heard about.


Drop Heston or Norris for him, and don’t think twice about it.


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