Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 5

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Mat Latos


Latos @ Strasburg – Latos is gradually righting the ship

Lorenzen @ Locke – solid outing by Lorenzen in his debut, and Pirates offense is brutal

Pineda @ Estrada – I’ll be more interested in Estrada on the road

Smyly @ Porcello

Billingsley @ Miller

B. Norris @ Colon

Greene @ Samardzija – regression meets the weak ChiSox offense

Salazar @ Vargas

Greinke @ Garza

Chavez @ May

Wandy @ Feldman

Hendricks @ Lyons

Collmenter @ Matzek

Paxton @ Richards

Cashner @ Vogelsong

***ZACH SAYS “I’ve just about completely given up on Greene, and the White Sox offense has the ability to wake up at any moment, so I’ll say ditch. Agree on rest.”

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Team is hurting with injuries: Rendon, Zobrist, Lucroy. Im currently without SS, I got offered Bogaerts for Cashner or Odorizzi.
Rest of Rotation: Kazmir, Kluber, Smyly, Salazar, and Bauer.

Thoughts? Preference?
Thanks as always,

Lorenzen gave up 8 hits over 5 innings, 3 of which were homers. That translates to a “solid outing”?

if Hanley is out for a bit would you prefer Escobar(Nationals} or Kang

I’d lean towards Escobar, though I’m not too excited about either.


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