Pitch or Ditch for Tuesday, May 12

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James Paxton


Lynn @ Carrasco

Buehrle @ Tillman – almost time to panic on Tillman

Burnett @ O’Sullivan

Gibson @ Simon – Simon off to another solid start

Foltynewicz @ DeSclafani – both are risky but I’ll still chase this early in the season

Eovaldi @ Archer

Volquez @ N. Martinez – not gambling on low-K Martinez vs. Royals’ hot bats

Syndergaard @ Arrieta

Sale @ Fiers

Heston @ McHugh

Strasburg @ R. De La Rosa

Masterson @ Pomeranz

Kendrick @ Wilson

Haren @ Bolsinger

Kennedy @ Paxton – Paxton seems to have turned the corner

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Im thinking of offering a trade for K Bryant if his owner is willing…..he has poor pitching so thinking of a package of M Harvey and not sure what player to add between Napoli, Owings, Heyward, C Santana or L Martin any advice on what would make a trade more enticing for him thx

In a non-keeper, I wouldn’t even trade Harvey for Bryant straight up.


I’m in a roto 5 x 5 league with OBP instead of AVG. I desperately need a second closer (currently have Holland). I was offered K Rod and Cespedes for Cueto but I’m trying to get more value. The same guy owns Soria and Street (ideal closer IMO) plus I’d like a better bat such as Adrian Gonzalez, whom he owns. Should I take what he’s offering me, or respond with Gonzo and Street?

I actually think the original offer is fair, but if you can get Adrian/Street or Soria for Cueto, that would be a steal, so definitely try for that first. I’d also much rather have Soria than Street. With Street, the next injury is always right around the corner.


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