Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 13

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Adam Warren


Miley @ Gray

G. Gonzalez @ Hellickson

Lackey @ Kluber – Stick with Kluber. Peripherals say he will rebound.

Liriano @ Hamels

Ar. Sanchez @ M. Gonzalez

Nolasco @ Lobstein

Stults @ Iglesias

Warren @ Karns – Warren can handle the Rays’ middling offense.

Cosart @ Frias – Cosart off to a decent start, but not worth the gamble vs. the Dodgers.

Ventura @ Gallardo – Hangin’ with Yordano.

Harvey @ Hammel

Quintana @ Nelson – Have to gamble on Nelson’s K potential vs. scuffling Sox.

Hudson @ Oberholtzer

Lyles @ Santiago – Santiago’s K’s worth the gamble.

Shields @ Walker – I’ll chance Walker at home vs. righty-heavy Pads.

***ZACH SAYS “I’m still not trusting Walker until I see at least one more strong outing, and this isn’t the spot to experiment. The Pads lineup might be righty-heavy but it’s also pretty good, ranking 2nd in the NL in runs scored. Agree on rest.”

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What would you say to a deal where I give up E5 and get Heyward and J Zimmerman?

I’d rather have the best player in the deal, and that’s still E5. I’m not as high on Heyward as many other fantasy pundits. It seems like he’s being treated like a safe top-25 OF when in reality he just isn’t. I like the idea of buying low on Zimmermann but I don’t consider this trade buying low.


when Springer returns I need to drop a player…..Tomas or L martin?

I’d prefer not to drop either, but if I had to pick one it would be Tomas. We haven’t seen the best part of Martin’s season yet. He’s actually a sneaky good trade target.



Tonight I made a trade and I need your advice on whether or not I made a mistake.

I gave up Hosmer, Machado,Kemp and N.Feliz

I got Miggy, C.Davis, Arcia, and Kimbrel.

I have Wright hopefully coming back soon to play 3rd. Davis and Arcia were kinda just throw in players. I don’t really need either of them.

Saves is a category I’m getting crushed in because I only drafted holland Feliz and jansen.


Arcia=A.Garcia sorry

I like it. You’re getting a clear closer upgrade as well as the best player in the deal in Miggy.


Hi Zach,

I own Vogt and Semien, are this guys for real, or is time to sell high?
I receive an offer: Get Kinsler for Semien.
I own Starling, Paredes and Harrison. Also Rendon on DL
I also have McCaan at C if i sell Vogt.

Although I do like Semien, I’d jump all over that offer. And if you’re ever going to trade Vogt, now would be the time to do it, especially since you have McCann as well. By all means see what you can get.


I own Jimmy Nelson is a deep NL-only keeper league and I haven’t lost confidence in him. There have been some bumps but he’s been solid.

I’m interested in Frias. Any thoughts on him? As a matter of fact I’m starting him tonight because my drafted pitching staff has faltered this season. Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs identified Frias as the next Garrett Richards based on hard throwing ability and BB%. If Frias gets slammed, I’ll probably drop him and move on to the next “trendy” guy.

Well, that turned out to be a solid move, even though he didn’t get the W. I think Frias has certainly entered the PoD mix, and you can actually check out Fred Zinkie’s latest waiver wire article for some more info on him.



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