Pitch or Ditch for Thursday, May 14

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Trevor Bauer


Wacha @ Bauer – Not going to chance it with Bauer here.

Worley @ Harang – Harang continues to get it done.

Pelfrey @ An. Sanchez

Guthrie @ Detwiler

Niese @ T. Wood

Lincecum @ Cueto – Timmy still makes me nervous but can’t argue with the results.

Whitley @ E. Ramirez

Hutchison @ R. Hernandez

Kelly @ Elias – Elias worth keeping an eye on in deeper leagues but this isn’t a good matchup.

Bettis @ B. Anderson

Fister @ Ross

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After trading away machado in the miggy deal yesterday I need your advice on a 3rd baseman until David Wright comes back from the DL. my options are Harrison, C.Davis, Y.Tomas, or possibly Headley.

I’m thinking Harrison even though he’s been pretty bad so far only because we count strikeouts as a category which is something C.Davis does a ton. Please help.


Alex Guerrero is also available

Yeah, I would’ve definitely said Davis until you brought up the strikeout factor. I still have very little confidence in Harrison, so I’d try someone else. Performance wise, Guerrero would be the choice, but he’s not getting everyday at-bats. Tomas has the same playing time issue. I’d actually lean towards Headley. He’s probably the safest choice, at least for counting stats. Guerrero would be the higher upside play if you want to gamble that he will get more at-bats going forward.


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