Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 20

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Tim Lincecum


Hahn @ Keuchel – Hahn has been a letdown so far, but keep him on the radar

Klein @ Kelly – Kelly has been a letdown so far, but keep him on the radar

Elias @ W. Chen

Warren @ Zimmermann – I like Warren but only trust him vs. weak offenses

Pelfrey @ Locke

Weaver @ Hutchison – scary to start Weaver in Toronto but have to after his last two dominant outings

Lohse @ Greene

Odorizzi @ W. Perez

C. Martinez @ Colon

C. Anderson @ Phelps

Marcum @ Rodon

Marquis @ Guthrie

S. Gonzalez @ Butler

Wada @ Ross – sticking with Ross despite ugly walk rates

B. Anderson @ Lincecum – not trusting Lincecum vs. the league’s best offense

***ZACH SAYS “Weaver @TOR is too risky for my liking. Save your innings for more favorable matchups. I’d roll the dice on Chase Anderson in Miami against a Marlins offense that has struggled this month (13th in NL in runs scored). Agree on rest.”

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is Gio a drop….his era and whip qre killing me weekly as he just appears way to inconsistent and hittable

Yordano finally showed what he can do last night. Of course he was sonavabenched! But do you think he can do more of this going forward now, rather than the Reds just being punchless last night?

First Sale worries, then Shark, then Carrasco, now Anibal! My pitching on 2 teams has been truly tragic so far. I had to cut Anibal in a 10 team league, can’t be dealing with more eruptions like he’s shown already. He goes from cy young one week to Tyler Lyons the next! Utterly maddening.

Loving seeing Gerrit Cole ranked so high. Had to decide on keeper contracts this offseason with him, only keep 8 year-to-year and I went 2 years ($6) rather than 3 ($8) due to still not knowing quite what to expect. Well I know what to expect now! Was that a totally dumbass move at the time? Obviously regretting the shorter deal now.

D Peralta or Tomas?

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