Pitch or Ditch for Wednesday, May 27

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Colby Lewis


Lewis @ Carrasco – Two straight rough starts for Lewis vs. tough offenses.

Kendrick @ Leake – Which Leake will show up? Don’t pay to find out.

Hand @ Cole

Samardzija @ Estrada – Tough matchup but Shark is starting to roll.

Young @ Pineda

Porcello @ Hughes – Porcello’s K rates are tempting but he’s been too erratic.

O’Sullivan @ Syndergaard

King Felix @ Archer – Must-see TV.

Vogelsong @ Fiers

Simon @ Kazmir – A’s actually can hit righties, and I don’t trust Simon.

McHugh @ Jimenez – One blowup by Ubaldo is enough for me to shy away.

Scherzer @ Lester

Collmenter @ Lynn

Cashner @ Richards – Yeah baby.

Al. Wood @ Greinke – Dodgers actually not hitting lefties much.

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is it time to trade han ram?

Who would you be getting? His stock is pretty low right now so I don’t think it’s a great time to trade him, though I wasn’t a fan of Hanley this year. I think he was being overvalued in drafts.



Well I finally had enough of Teheren. He has been dropped and will never see my roster again. As Cory and Mike would say he’s DTM.

I need to replace him however and I’ve got two options in mind and was wondering who you would recommend. Trevor Bauer or Nick Martinez.


I like Bauer and his K upside a little more. Still skeptical about Martinez.


I’m trying to put together a deal for a SP and roster space. I have Rendon & Lucroy set to come off DL this coming week and have too many bats.

I’ve targeted Scherzer(1). His owner wants Kemp(7). I’m trying to decide which pitcher to add: Salazar (20) or Odorizzi (19th).

3 year keeper league. Can’t keep first round picks.
Rest of Rotation: Kluber & Strasburg
OF/Util: Heyward, Mccutchen, Cespedes, Teixeira, & Zobrist.


Thanks as always

I prefer Salazar. I think his ceiling is a bit higher, particularly in the strikeout department.


han ram for wong? enough or not enough?

Overall, I’d lean towards Han Ram, but it’s reasonable if it fits your needs.


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