Pitch or Ditch for Saturday-Monday, June 6-8

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Julio Teheran



Hammel @ A. Cole

Oberholtzer @ Hutchison – Hutchison still too inconsistent for my liking.

Wandy @ Ventura

Garza @ Graham

Bumgarner @ S. Gonzalez

Chavez @ Kelly – Tough matchup for Chavez but he’s been dominant for awhile now.

Jimenez @ Salazar– I’ll never fully trust Ubaldo.

Despaigne @ Lorenzen – Despaigne has been impressive lately but not chancing it on the road in tough environment. Lorenzen’s 18-to-19 K/BB scares me.

Phelps @ Kendrick – I’m a Phelps fan, but playing it safe in Coors.

Locke @ Teheran – Despite overall struggles, Teheran has been excellent at home (3-0, 1.82 ERA, 0.97 WHIP).

Price @ Danks

Richards @ Warren – Warren working on four straight quality starts.

Colome @ King Felix – I’m still a believer in Colome but he needs to be benched for the time being.

Garcia @ Kershaw – Might as well roll with Garcia while he’s healthy.

Colon @ C. Anderson – Pitch Colon only in deeper mixed leagues. Very dangerous matchup.


B. Norris @ Carrasco

Wilson @ Sabathia – Wilson has been a pleasant surprise, but not throwing him out there at Yankee Stadium.

McHugh @ Dickey

Cashner @ Cueto

Graveman @ Buchholz – Graveman has been much better since his return, but I’m still not comfortable pitching him in tougher matchups.

G. Cole @ A. Wood

Vogelsong @ O’Sullivan

Simon @ Samardzija – Just when we thought Samardzija was back…I’d still lean towards pitching him here.

Lewis @ Guthrie – I have little interest in riding the Lewis roller-coaster.

Fiers @ Pelfrey – Fiers seems to have righted the ship.

Hendricks @ Zimmermann

Archer @ Montgomery – Montgomery could soon become mixed league relevant but I need to see a bit more.

Urena @ J. De La Rosa

deGrom @ Collmenter – Collmenter at home and facing an inconsistent lineup? Yes, please!

Lynn @ Greinke


Nelson @ Burnett – Nelson a true toss-up, but I’ll go for it.

Hand @ Estrada – Estrada on a nice roll of late.

Kennedy @ Miller – Kennedy is driving me crazy this year. I’ll ditch, which probably means he will throw a shutout.

Hamels @ Leake – Leake very tough to trust these days but this matchup is about as good as it gets.

McCullers @ Sale

Vargas @ Hughes – Hughes needs to be avoided for now.

Lackey @ Hale – Lackey pitching too well to sit, even at Coors.

R. De La Rosa @ Bolsinger – Not in love with this matchup for either.

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thinking of dropping Kazmir…..who would you pick up for Monday start…lackey or Bettis

Need 3 for the rest of the season. Carlos correa brandon Phillips chase utley and Zachary cosart

I’d ditch Cozart, though it’s close between him and Utley.


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