Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 19

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Colby Lewis


Verlander @ Warren – Warren has been solid this year, but not strong enough for the Tigers.

Burnett @ Ross

Lyons @ Aumont

M. Wright @ Estrada – Estrada in Rogers Centre vs. the Orioles…homers will ensue.

Karns @ Carrasco

Haren @ Leake

deGrom @ Wisler

Lewis @ Sale – Lewis has rebounded enough from the Cleveland debacle to trust vs. the run-starved Sox.

E. Rodriguez @ Pino

Hendricks @ Hughes

Jungmann @ J. De La Rosa

Shoemaker @ Gray

Shields @ R. De La Rosa – Rubby is erratic but should handle the righty-heavy, K-prone Padres.

McCullers @ Elias

Heston @ Bolsinger – Both have their appeal but I don’t like the risks.

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Looking for an extra set of eyes on a trade.
In a 10-team, keep-forever dynasty league, I was offered Price ($19) and Tanaka ($15) for Abreu ($7). My offense is loaded, Abreu’s blocked by Goldy at 1B, and I’m definitely looking for aces.
Pull the trigger?

I’d pass. Tanaka’s long-term health situation is a concern and when it comes to dynasty formats, I’ll always give the hitter the edge over the pitcher since the performance level of keeper-caliber hitters tends to be more consistent from year to year than that of keeper-caliber pitchers. How is Abreu blocked? Does your league not use utility or CI slots? But if I were to trade a $7 Abreu, I’d look for a better offer. Maybe an SP plus a hitter at a different position than CI rather than the two SP’s. Like I mentioned, I’d be wary of paying premium prices for starting pitching in a dynasty league.


What do you think of Fister? I need an SP someone offered me him for Polanco, 14 team league.

A fine mid-rotation SP, but there’s no way I’d give up Polanco for him.


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