Pitch or Ditch for Friday, June 26

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Rockies Phillies Baseball


Kluber @ W. Chen – Indians can hit lefties but Chen is pretty reliable.

Scherzer @ Harang – Perfect game alert!

W. Perez @ Liriano

N. Martinez @ Buehrle – Not trusting either in this matchup.

Quintana @ An. Sanchez – Anibal should continue rolling, and Quintana is a hang with ‘em.

Cueto @ Syndergaard

B. Anderson @ Nicolino – Marlins actually handle lefties well, but I trust Anderson.

Porcello @ Colome

May @ Lohse

Eovaldi @ Velasquez – Velasquez hasn’t gotten deep enough into games to make his K’s worthwhile.

Arrieta @ Lackey – Lackey has his blowups but is reliable overall.

Walker @ Shoemaker – Five straight QS for Taijuan.

Volquez @ Hahn

Ray @ T. Ross

Bettis @ Hudson – Tough matchup for Bettis but try him away from Coors.

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If the season was over today and you had to choose 5 keepers of the following players for next year which 5 would you keep?

Posey, Tulo, Miggy, Trout, Arenado, Cueto, Greinke, J.Fernandez


Just answered this on the older post. The five hitters.


Hello Zach,

Just received this trade today.
Get: Chapman and Beltre
Give: Dallas Keuchel.
This is a 12-tm keeper lg.
I have at 3B Harrison and Rendon, (@DL again)
I could use Harrison is other positions.
I will loose Keuchel witch is coming to his best season, and it should be a very cheap keeper next season.
My Rotation now is:
King Felix, Lester, Keuchel, Gio, Nick Martinez, Quintana, Iwakuma(DL)
My Closers now are:
Kimbrel, Clippard and Miller (DL)
It seems a no brainer, but i dont see Beltre performing as a Round 2-3 ROY.

Not a no-brainer but I still think you have to make the trade as you’re getting a top closer plus Beltre and his track record. All in all, the reward outweighs the risk. Keuchel’s trade value isn’t going to get any higher than it is right now, and when Miller comes back, you might even want to flip Kimbrel or Chapman for an upgrade at another position while still holding onto three closers.


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